Still no CT scan results

When I saw The Consultantt three weeks ago he said he would arrange a CT scan as my CA125 has been going up and down. He said he wasn't particularly concerned, but would arrange a scan, to be on the safe side as I haven't had one done for a year. He suggested that when the date of the scan came through to ring his Sevretary and he would ring me with the results. I had the scan done and rang his Secretary the following day and she said she would let him know. Ten days later I'm still waiting to hear. I've also emailed the CNS Nurse and I haven't heard from her either. I know they could be on holiday and that they're all very busy, but I'm starting to get jittery now. Is no news, good news, should I have heard by now if it was bad news. What do you think ?

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  • Hi, I would most certainly keep ringing the secretary. All this waiting around for results is no good for your health, so keep ringing until you get the result.

    Best if luck xxxxxxxx

  • Definitely keep ringing the secretary just to keep reminding them both of the situation. It may be that the scan hasn't been reported on yet but by keeping on their case will hopefully get things moving. I would also give the secretary a timescale & day that you expect to get the results by the end of the week. Cher

  • Keep ringing and asking for results. However I interpret no news as good news, as I have always got a call or appointment promptly if it was bad news. But worry does not help your well being, so keep prompting. Maureen

  • Definitely keep ringing and ask when the results will be available. Sorry you're having to go through such stress.

    Love Mary xx

  • Morning ladies, thanks for your replies. I rang his secretary again this morning and she said she will get him to ring me today. I'm feeling very nervous but on the plus side, I've kept myself busy, the house is gleaming and I've sorted out hubby and kids wardrobes. just having a nice cup of coffee and trying not to jump when the phone rings......aaaagggh xx

  • Afternoon Doodoolatrice, I know how hard it is to relax but you can do it, look what you have gone through, this is just an hipcup

    Leenie x x x

  • Glad you got through to the oncologist secretary and am praying for good results, but I am sure if there was something significant to report then you would have been contacted straight away. Let us know how you get on. Hugs Irene xxxxx

  • Thanks Leenie and Irene, still no phone call. Hopefully someone will ring me tomorrow. X

  • So sorry you have to wait that long, over here in Ireland it is midterm and sometimes the nurses are encouraged to take some time off at their own expense to cut costs. That could be happening in your hospital. They should have the result of the scan in a week at most, so hopefully no news is good news. Try and have a nights rest and just ring first thing tomorrow morning, if you cant get oncologist ask for the registrar or the gynae liason nurse or cns in onc unit, its a bugger being kept waiting

  • What a worrying time for you. I hope you hear very soon - and it's good news. I've always been so lucky and hear my results very quickly. Keeping my fingers crossed for you,

    Love Solange

  • I just hope you have had a phone call today, sending my love Leenie x x x

  • Hi Ladies, The Consultant rang me tonight (poor man works some long hours) and said my scan shows a very slight change near my diaphragm. The change since my last scan was so small he could hardly see it, but the CT expert noticed it. He has decided to repeat the scan in four months. Not sure how I feel really, relieved or still anxious, I'm not really sure. However he's the expert and I have every faith in him so I shall try and put this to the back of my mind until after Xmas. Thanks everyone for all your support and words of advice. really appreciated, love Kerry xx

  • Evening Kerry, that is good news, try and enjoy the time you have before your next scan. I am having a scan at the end of next month because my CA is up so I know how you feel.

    Chin up girl, we can do this together, Leenie x x x

  • Thanks Leenie, I didn't realise, bless you. Keep me posted as to how you get on, I'll be rooting for you and sending lots of positive vibes your way. Girl power lol, Kerry xx

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