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What symptoms do you get with ascites? I finished doxil after five rounds in July because of toxicity. I've had carbo platol, gemzar carbo with avastin. Then doxil. My tummy has always been large since diagnosis but seems more uncomfortable lately. I have days when I can go all day not wanting to pass urine. I am currently on watch and wait until end of October as the doxil didn't seem to work after round 3. I have seeds throughout the peritoneum and a tumour on the vaginal cuff which reduced by a third on doxil. Can anyone relate to this? Wishing everyone well on the roulette wheel!😊 Carole H x

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Should read carbo taxol

Hi Carole, usually with ascites, there's pressure on the bladder so you'd pass water more often not less. Also, the disease itself can irritate the bladder making trips to empty it more urgent than usual. The exception might be if there's, say, a problem with the ureter or, say, the bladder's not emptying well when you go.

I was wondering if you're drinking enough fluids? It might be worth having a word with your GP.

My abdomen has never returned to its normal shape but I feel this is a price I've had to pay. Sometimes I feel upset at the loss of my feeling of femininity but then I'm grateful to have reduced pain and a new me I'm comfortable with.

Sending love and hugs. Xxxx


as a person with ascites: distention, tautness, size equivilancy compared to stage of pg. (" oh, i look 5 mnths. along!")

painful when distention goes up (imo)

somewhat disfiguering

a depressing thing to have

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It is, isn't it? We never really hear of the basics I feel. Looking in Hello magazine and other ones, I feel there's another world of body shapes I'll never aspire to again. The outer physical changes some of us experience can be very difficult to deal with, especially now in the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat image conscious world.

It seems a small thing to worry about given that the thing to do is survive but I think it's easy to forget that we're women with needs like other women.

Sending love and hugs. Xxx

Thank you all for your replies. It is very kind of you to take an interest. I guess I will see how things go and wait until the end of October when I next see the oncologist. I wish you all well. 😊 Carole H x

Hi. I wouldn't leave it if you think it's getting worse especially bladder wise. Go see GP and get referral back to OC or get hold of your Nurse specialist. Hope things improve for you. Big hugs. X

Hi Carole,

My symptoms were an extremely bloated,6 months pregnant type stomach, lack of appetite,sickness and discomfort.

Carole S xx


My mum has ascites, and was the reason she was diagnosed, no other symptoms, although she had some pains about 5 weeks before that they diagnosed as a urine infection, which could have been linked but who knows.

Symptoms - She looked like she was 9 months pregnant, had refulx, lost 2 stone due to lack of appetite, could only eat small meals and all in all felt very down and depressed. She had the fluid drained which amounted to if i remember correctly about 8 litters. It came back very quickly and she now has a semi permanant drain in.

What i will say is since starting Chemo (carbo/tax) it has completely gone, to the point that in the last 4 weeks she has only drained off literally about 400ml so hopefully chemo is having an effect on those pesky cancer cells.


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