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Hello ladies I had total hysterectomy in 2002 because of ovarian cyst. Got diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Feb 2014, completed six rounds of taxol/carbo chemotherapy which brought my CA 125 from a little over 3000 to normal. Went into remission for a few months. Then my CA125 started going up to 239, 330, and now 897. Dr said my taxol/carbo wasn't successful (platinum resistant?) and offers Doxil (or caelyx) treatment alone. I'm trying to decide whether to take the treatment or not. Does any of you have ever taken Doxil and don't regret it? Rexy

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  • I had Caelyx and at the end had no visible tumours and CA level dropped to 35, so it was very successful for me and no side effects either. Had a year off following this and started weekly taxol in January- last one next week, I will have had18 weeks in total. CA 1324, now seems to be stabilised at 50. Good luck..

  • Thank you for your encouraging reply.


  • Hello Rexy. I was diagnosed in May 2014. My CA125 was 7500. Had total hysterectomy plus omentum removed. Had 3 cycles of carbo/taxo before op and then 3 after. Unfortunately by March recurrence. Diagnosed platinum resistant because of early recurrence CA now 3500. I started Caelyx in April, just had my second treatment. So far so good. Only problem so far is extreme tiredness. Don't know yet what the outcome is going to be as only given a 20% change of success and Caelyx is known to be slow acting. I shall be going to The Christie today for a second opinion to see what other options may be open to me should this not work. I shall post the results of that later for anyone who may be interested. Good luck with your decision. Lottie6636 seems to have had a really good response and I am more hopeful today.


  • Good luck with your appointment. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann. Long may you remain without treatment.


  • I am on Carbo/Caelyx just now as third line. Had my 4 th dose. Scan after 3 showed significant shrinkage of tumours. Consultant said 47% respond to Caelyx so I must be a responder. Hopefully tumours continue to shrink.

    Take care. LOVE Wendy xx

  • Hope I have as good a response. My Consultant wants to scan me after 2 because of my bowel being involved and she doesn't want it to get worse. Not sure about this as always thought Scan after 3 was the norm. Having second opinion at the Christie today so hopefully will have a better idea.


  • Let us know how you get on at the Christie. All the best!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi, I was in a similar position as you re carboplation and tried Caelyx(Doxil) It works for so many people but didn't really work for me (had 4 rounds) having said that I dont regret trying it. I did have a bit of a problem with the speed my disease progressed and it was a bit alarming at Christmas! But I switched to weekly piclataxal which has really had a good response for me so far, Just looking for the next option now! Good luck with your decision!

  • Thank you ladies for your replies. I've decided to take Doxil , and hopefully get good response with minimal side effects. Rexy

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