Down day... Ascites considering the boiler broke on Easter Monday and we still have no  hotwater/heating and a trip to the emergency eye clinic  on Wednesday , Thursday the emergency dentist (given anti-biotics for abcess...tooth removal soon) and the diarrohea they have given me....I was remarkably upbeat yesterday. Today I have been reading some scarey posts again and on a downer. Has anyone else had two lots of ascites and no tumours just fluid...finding it hard to understand what is going on in my body.On second lot of chemo...carbo/caelyx.

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  • Tracey I try to avoid reading anything when I'm feeling like that.  I know it's hard to avoid sometimes.   I usually go into shutdown mode and look like I've dropped off the planet but it's just my way of coping.  Ignorance is bliss when I'm feeling like that because it's hard to deal with our own issues then we see others sad news and our hearts break even more for them and ourselves.  

    You're definitely getting more to deal with than you should right and I hope you get sorted.   Sorry I can't help with ascites question xo

  • Hi Julie...yes I always seem to veer to those sites when I am down..stupid I know. My kids do not understand the up and down of it..most of the time I shut off from it and can cope..yesterday was not one of those days! Boiler back  working and I have had a bath yay! Coming to terms with tooth loss but I am vain lol and the thought of the big gaps in my mouth are very depressing..not to mention the 200 pound for a plate! 

    Today I feel better and as soon as the fatigue starts to wane I will try and do something positive or take some is now I wish I had a dog to take a walk..but with two already established cats...I don't want to upset them. Hope you are having a good day too XXX Tracy

  • Gosh you have had a hard week of it, I wouldnt blame you for feeling down.   However stay away from MR Google, he can be scary.   Some of the conversation threads are really terrifying.   I hope your day has got more pleasant as time has gone on.   I am very sorry I cannot answer your question, I have never had ascites since my hysterectomy.  I suggest you ring the Ovacome Nurse on Monday or contact your local Macmillan Centre.   This is a really rollercoaster journey, we have ups and downs,times we want to do something and times we just want to sit.   Try and distract yourself tomorrow and get out for a walk or a spin near trees or a stream, it is quite calming.  Sending you a big hug

  • Yes Mr Google is NOT my friend I know but it is so hard not to scary on some sites and then the they get you down. Today I am better thank you. Hope you are good too XX Tracy

  • Hi.  I had ascites in the beginning. After the chemo & op. They said the cancer was floating around. Not one solid tumour. I have had 2nd line chemo. Then 2 different tablets. My ascites has now gone. I hope this helps.


  • Thank you for your positive helps on the bad days XTracy

  • Mr Google is a no go in my book, everyone is different and you have to put your trust in the experts for medical advice.

    You are more likely to get re-assurance and advice on this website other than anything else,

    Hope you are feeling better,

    Carole xx

  • Yes I know, I am doing my  best not to drift there, but I always seem to go on on my down days. With the fatigue on this chemo I don't seem to keep as busy so makes it difficult not to turn to surfing the web!This is one of the better sites as some others only seem to dwell on the ones with all the problems and no success stories (and there must be some). This Ovarian seems to be so different for every single case so I guess I just have to put my faith in Dr Jackson.Hope you feel good too, Tracy

  • Hi Tracey I am glad you are feeling better today.   We are get down days and fear the worst.   I know I do in fact I am the worst in the world at times.  I have gone for counselling and also doing a little Mindfulness and that helps the mind from drifting into bad thoughts a bit,    I know that if I dont get out yes I do my indoor surfing and wreck my head at the same time. From tomorrow I intend to get out more, walk my dogs more often, and be more up beat..

  • Hi Tracy,

    I can only speak for myself at the moment, am in remission as are so many others, so there are success stories and we are all upbeat and cope with whatever life throws at us with as much muster as we can.

    I tend to not search for things (Ostrich mentality), but do other less strenuous things, reading magazines,crosswords, knitting,buying things on line, pottering, sitting in the garden,walks, bit of gardening and just generally escaping the Cancer world.

    I am however drawn to this site as a source of comfort and advice,there is always someone to help or talk to,who is never judgemental,

    I'm good for the moment thank you and hope you are too,


    Carole xx

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