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I had mysterious nonspecific abdominal pain all of 2013. I saw every specialist known over that heat. Everything was negative. Jan. 2014. I had my physical with a doctor I'd switched to. She immediately saw something that shouldn't have been there-blood. I'm post-menopausal and she told me vaginal blood is never normal after that. I had a sonogram, the huge stage 2B tumor on my right ovary was discovered. A few weeks later I had an extensive surgery, the following month I started on chemo. That lasted from April to August, almost weekly. I got a bowel obstruction and pneumonia, had 4 units of blood transfused during that time. My sister and a friend were my support people, I'm unmarried. So far, every scan I've had looks pretty good, my blood tests are all fine. 

A note, I'd had DCIS in my left breast in 2006 but my BRCA was negative even a month before the new cancer was found. 

I guess  I'm lucky it was found early and treated aggressively. Lucky is a relative term.

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I meant over that year, not that heat, in my second line. Auto-correct. Drat. 

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You've been through quite a traumatic time over a long period and once again it's such a hard thing to read of someone who was misdiagnosed for so long. That was bad enough let alone the complications you went through. It sounds as if you have good support in your sister and friend although what we go through is hard enough isn't it? Having someone there is good though. Long may your results be good, you're right about the word 'Lucky' - this site is so good for  just sharing with others, offering advice or a kind word or response. I hope you are having a good day today and continue to have good scan and blood results. 

Take care and virtual hugs 



I am glad you have good support networks and that your results are good so far.  It is a lot to have endured just the same.  Maybe you should also find a support centre near you to perhaps get advice and support.  Sometimes it is at post treatment time we need this a bit more.   It is good to talk out the bits about the delay in treatment.   You could also ring the Ovacome nurse for advice.  Best wishes

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Suzuki is right,

Post treatment is when you need most support,long may your good health continue,

Carole xxx


Yes, I believe you are right. I don't know how others feel, but it seems like I got on a train with an unknown destination once I heard I had cancer and what was coming next. I don't know if I can get off and enjoy life again. I guess I'm the only one that can work on that. I don't feel very motivated yet. I suppose I should just do things anyway. 

I try to tell myself I was lucky the cancer was found by an observant doctor so soon. I've thanked her. 

Thank you for the encouragement, Denese


Hi Denese,

You will enjoy life,I'm not superwoman but I've helped do up 3 houses since the end of chemo and I look after my Grandson 2 days a week,I don't say this in anyway to prove something,(except to myself) I also love a concert, Simply Red And Shalimar last week!

It's just to let you know live  life and enjoy yourself,but if you don't feel like it ,rest and make no excuses, there is no normal with this disease,but Im not going out without a fight and Im sure you feel the same,

Love Carole xxx

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It sounds like you've kept very busy. I tend to stay inside too much.

I live in California. Is this company based in England? 

I guess we are the new normal. I don't think I like that, as if there was a choice, Denese


Hi Nesie

I am in Ireland but the majority of women on this site are in the UK. Some American women are also members along with a few other countries . It is a very good site for advice and encouragement . We are all at different stages on the same toad. Be patient with yourself. If there is a support group near you it would be good to join. They usually do meditation and relaxation exercises. I find them great as like you I tend to hide away in my cocoon. It is good to get out and mingle . Now I must do just that as its a lovely sunny day here . Lucky you living in Ca where the sun shines all the time. Put your best foot forward today . You have been through such a lot . Now it's your turn to have something good happen .


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I know it would be a good idea to join. Maybe I'm as bad as some of those people in my life who have disappeared, like cancer was contagious. That doesn't make sense.

Right now I'm concerned about my back. I hurt my lower back about 25 years ago. When I have flare-ups, I assume it's my sciatica. This time the pain was so bad I went to see my G.P. She ordered an MRI. It showed a cyst on my lumbar spine. I'm going to see a neurosurgeon this week. I'm probably being paranoid, but you know where that bit of info goes. It's automatic. 

Then I see a chronic pain specialist on the 17th. Maybe something can be done to help this stinking pain.

I've  had a stroke and tend to forget things. Everything is written in my book., good thing.

I  have minor laser surgery on my left eye this Friday. I feel like an object right now.,

It's a very busy month. It's not usually like this, and somewhere in there I see my GYN for my 3 month check-up. Good grief. 

So maybe I'll look at that group again when this mess is over. 

How I do go on, sorry about that. 

I hope you had a nice day. The weather during the day has been very warm here. Take care, Nesie


I'm so sorry about what you've been through .. This is a difficult illness .. There is no doubt .. But you have friends here now. . .. Xx


That's good to know there are other people who understand.,thanks, Tina, Denese


hi nesie

im in california too.   this site has been a blessing... it is so helpful to know that you are not alone.   please do cont. to post...( i am 4c and incidentally post spinal fusion as well..)


Each time I write about myself and then someone tells their own story, mine sounds so trite in comparison., I know every one is different, of course.

But 4c sounds awful. Is their anything that might help you? 

Why did you have the spinal fusion? Do you have spinal mets?

Sounds like you need to rest.

 I need a nap. I took a muscle relaxant and my crazy dog is quiet for once. It's hard to find peace sometimes. 

Where do you like in California? 

Take care, have a nice week,,Nesie


pls write to me at


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