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Worried abt my mama


My and us girls found out she had cancer just a few months after our daddy (her husband) past away from a heart condition she had surgery in 2015 she couldn't do chemo cuz of her heart so they said radiation but she didn't finish it the Dr said if it comes bk it will come with avenges we 2016 it's bad they found spots in her lungs one of her arms and in her leg she was in very bad pain when we found out the Dr is she is in stage 4 said with her heart she can't do radiation or chemo so cuz it would kill her faster so he put her on hospis and said she only has 4 to 6months so if anyone has had a family member that has past away with ovc I would like to know what to look for in her she has a tommor or mass in the side of her stomach it gets bigger the as time goes by some days she eats good other days we get lucky when she will eat they had her on the patch 25mg but the pain got so bad the up the patch to 50mg she is staying sleepy alot and put on a lot of weight in her stomach when is do I sadly expect tyvm

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I am so sorry that you and your Mum are in this position Tammy but I know other ladies who have said hospice care is wonderful.

All of us hope to be without pain and sickness so let's hope they can do that for her. Don't forget that you need support too xx Lyndy

So sorry for your news. I hope you have the support and friends around you that you need. My mum passed from oc and the best thing I can suggest is to just spend as much time with her as you can. It is always a difficult time seeing someone you love go through all this. My heart goes out to you. I send love and wish you all the best. xx

I'm sorry I have no words of advice just sending you lots of love and prays x

Sending love and best wishes.

Thank y'all I sure need all y'all's prayers that will help for sure I just wish I knew the signs of her getting closer go going so il know what to expect I'd love to help anyone with Thier questions but I don't know what to look for we are a close but I'm the one that gave up everything to move in here to help my mama with my daddy and to turn around and having to lose her it's just two much she is my everything but Anyone that can help me with what to expect I sure would appreciate it

Do sad for you. My mom is in a similar situation. All I can say is, make the best of your time with her. I am making the best of every moment. I take her for walks almost daily. Sit in at whatever local cafes have an eatery where I could push her wheelchair in to. I am usually hoping the restaurant owners do not say, we can't host you " as the wheelchair is in their way. They are always helpful though. I take as many photos as possible and I just simply love her as much as I can. She will need your support. Take every day one step at a time because almost every day comes a new change in her condition. Some changes slight but some changes drastic. Though I am saddened every day, though I am broken hearted every day, the sadness comes with the joy that she is here yet one more day.

Please take courage. She will feed off your weakness and your strength.

Sorry to hear that but your mama is lucky to have such a devoted daughter doing your best for her. That will help her so much x

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