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My bag is packed, I'm ready to go

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Thank you all you lovely people for your good wishes and advice in the run up to my fistula repair operation. I'm very encouraged to discover that most of us would choose wine over ironing and I did indulge yesterday. (Not too much, I didn't want to arrive on the ward with a hangover.) Today of course is the day of the pre-op lemon carbohydrate drink. Yummy.

I saw the Urology consultant on Monday and found out that I'll probably be in hospital for 5 days to one week and will be wearing the catheter for 5 weeks.

Tuesday was the pre-admission clinic. My notes arrived half way through so I had to tell the very nice doctor what I was coming in for, and what I had already had taken out. The very nice nurse then told me I was going to be admitted to ward "Y". I told her that I'd been informed it would be ward "X". She said no, patients were always admitted to ward "Y" before the op and went to ward "X" post op. She then went outside to check and came back to tell me I was right. "So you'll be admitted to ward "X" on Friday at 7a.m." I told her that I'd been informed it would be Thursday afternoon. She decided I probably knew more.

(To be fair, things in the past have always gone like clockwork. There is bound to be the odd hiccup once in a while.)

As my husband works at the same hospital, we are going to meet for lunch before we go to the ward. I'm feeling pretty relaxed, probably because it isn't cancer that's being treated, just a side effect of the cancer surgery.

All my love to all of you. I'll be back posting here in a week or so and hope to tell you it was all unexceptional and boring.

Mary aka Citrine xxxx

13 Replies

Good luck, Mary!

All will be well.


Hi Mary,

Just sending you good wishes and thinking of you...I am glad you are feeling relaxed and just treat it like a holiday 8-) in the sun :-) or without the sun :-/ ;-) love x G x

Hi Mary

Good thing someone knew what was going on at the pre-admission clinic! All the very best for your op.

Monique x

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all good wishes for your op x

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Good luck Mary, will be thinking of you.

Love Linda xx

Good luck Mary,

Having cancer makes you more aware all round!! And I think also makes you more assertive where your health is concerned. At least YOU will be at the right place on the right day!!!!!!!

Will be thinking of you

Love Suex

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Hope all goes well,Mary.

Best wishes,


Wishing you all the best Mary,

Luv Trish x x

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Dear Mary/Citrine

Now I know your name I'm wondering how you came to the name of Citrine. It sounds very European and glamorous to me.

You tell a lovely tale with your Ward Y and and Ward Z, them not even knowing why you're there and when you're going in. They obviously need you to organise them. I'd write a few notes on your tummy so they can double-check even when you're out-for-the-count. No seriously everything will be fine and I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on in hospital and some more funny stories from the ward. There are always some aren't there.

It sounds rather convenient your husband works in the same hospital.

Lots of love and hugs while you're there! Hope to hear from you soon. xxxx Annie

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Best wishes for your op, hope there are/were no 'hiccups' after & it all went super smooth :) x x

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Wishing you all the very best Mary.

Love Sue xx

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Good luck Mary! I'll be thinking of you all week!

Love M!


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Lovely to hear you are relaxed, best of luck xx

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