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Good news


My CA 125 is down to 14 after first dose of chemotherapy (Taxol & Carboplatin).

CA125 was 5,600 on diagnosis and went down to 140 after surgery.

I am 3C high grade - cancer was in both ovaries (both 18cms), fallopian tubes, omentum and one lymph node. No residual disease after surgery.

I had a severe reaction to Taxol on 2nd chemo. So oncologist has taken me off it & not replaced it with another drug.

So 4 chemotherapy sessions to go - just Carboplatin - fewer side effects and my hair will grow back.

Obviously I'm a bit worried that I won't be having a 2nd drug, but will keep an eye on my CA 125.

Val x

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Hi Val, that's great news!  Don't worry about not having the Taxol obviously the Carboplatin is doing the job.  Hope your remaining treatment goes well.  Stay strong .  Kathy xxx


Taxol is only 5% top up, Carbo is the main drug, I'm a Carbo only girl lol

Great news

LA xx


Val don't worry about the drugs it's working and solo drug treatment is often used. 

Keep up the good work 

Kris x


Great news Val like the others I wouldn't stress too much about the combination protocol single drug is obviously working well with that CA125 decrease....... AND you get your hair back quicker so thats another silver lining!!! Best of luck with the rest of your treatment!!! 



Thanks everyone,

We are delighted, but there is always a little caution hanging over you with this horrid disease isn't there?

V x


Great news Val. So pleased for you - wishing you all the best - 



" Anxiety goes with the diagnosis " , that's what my first Oncologist said when I was diagnosed , and he was so right . You get used to it ...and like everyone else says , Carbo will do it alone !

Best wishes x


Great news Val.  As the others have said, don't worry about one drug on!y.   Ann xo  


CA125 at 14 after debulking and one cycle is fantastic. I have read somewhere (and if I understood correctly) that if the CA125 falls below 35 after chemo no 2, the chances for a complete cure is as good as any. Fantastic! 



Great news Val . I won't add to the wise words of the other ladies as they have  said it all and their answers have also helped me. The positive news will help you go on.



That is a very positive result and is sufficient to keep you going as its worth the pain, best wishes


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