Sharing good news-ca-125

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd share some good news as it helps me to see the positive things posted here. I am on an 18 week regimen of weekly carbo/taxol for oc (stage 3). Recently (10 week mark) my dr. ran my ca-125 and it went from 564 at the start of this drama down to 11! I was so glad he didn't tell me he was running it as I would have been stressing out of my mind waiting for the results. So relieved that the cells are responding to the treatment!

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  • Great news! X

  • That is amazing! Well done. xx

  • Awww that 's brilliant. Glad you are doing well.

    Kathy xx

  • Really good news 😊🎉

  • Well done!!! What a boost emotionally for you. A good chemo response is optimal!!!!

  • Great news I always think hearing the positives from others helps a lot. So pleased for you.

  • Such good news! It's fantastic to get good results like that after the chemo treatment!


  • Fantastic response, well done xx

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