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Laura Update today- Good News!


I had the all important blood test on Tuesday to see how much I had recovered from my Chemo induced bone marrow crash, plus a CA-125 test to see if my Chemo had also destroyed my cancer, made up of quickly dividing outlaw cells.

My blood test results were amazing!

My red cells and white cells (Neutrophils) all within normal range, so I am NOT anaemic!

My platelets went back up to their normal abnormally high rate, from 125 last week to 705 this week!

But best of all, my CA-125 went from 893 (very high for me) before I started the new Chemo, to 339 now! That’s a 550 point drop!

This means the treatment is fantastically effective, just as I suspected, when it killed all the quickly dividing cells in my bone marrow.

I got this report early, in time to prepare myself for my telephone appointment with my Oncologist, Rebecca Bowen.

I had been working on all sorts of arguments to convince her to let me resume treatment, but I needn’t have worried.

She was so pleased and amazed at my test results, especially the drop in my CA-125, that she is daring to give me Chemo again. Tomorrow!!!!!

It will only be Carboplatin, but she thinks that’s the one that’s destroying the cancer and giving me that lowered CA-125 count .

This is about where I was when I left the DICE trial.

I feel reprieved. I can’t believe I will be getting Chemo tomorrow!

This time they will give me 7 doses of the Neutrophil boosting shots and I will have a check up on day 8, to make sure I’m stable.

So we shall find out soon enough how well this is going to work.


Hugs to all,


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Great news Laura, hope tomorrow goes well. Judith x

This is really great news. Long may it continue. Love and hugs 🤗 from me. ❤️❤️

Hurrah ! Fantastic news ! Hope all goes tomorrow xx

What wonderful news Laura, & I hope that tomorrows chemo works well for you. What a turn around though after your recent problems.

Take care,

Caleda xx

Great news, indeed, and all the very best wishes for tomorrow and the follow up treatment.

You must be so relieved and you didn't even have to fight your corner. Good luck with the neutrophils.

Yay!!!! Excellent news! Good on ya Laura! You are absolutely mighty! Well done on being so on top of your situation. You’re an inspiration to all of us here. 🤗 🌟 🌻 👏

Fantastic news, so happy for you! All the best for tomorrow! Xxxxx

Excellent news............onward and upward. Good Luck tomorrow x

Thank you all for your good wishes. Maybe good vibes do help us all!




Brilliant news! X

Very good news Laura. Good luck for tomorrow, I hope it all goes well for you. Keep us posted.

Nicola x

Great news Laura. Hope all goes well tomorrow. 👍🤗

Jenny x

Yay! That's fantastic and I hope the downward trajectory in your CA 125 continues rapidly. xoxo

Oh fantastic news! I am so pleased for you xx

Fantastic news Laura . So happy for you . Onwards and upwards. Hugs and prayers xxxxx


Yay !!That is great news Laura. So pleased for you & sending love , hugs & best wishes.

Jan. xx

Brilliant news Laura Im so glad for you. Keep us updated.

Fantastic news Laura. Delighted you will resume treatment immediately. Wishing you a smooth and effective journey. You are such a shining light for all who visit here and so generous with your knowledge and suport. Wishing you well.

Fab news. May your CA125 continue to fall and all the very best tomorrow for your treatment.xx

Great news! So pleased you keep up to date with your results and are armed with questions and queries for your team. It’s good to be empowered like you are. Well done and good luck tomorrow 😃x

How wonderful laura, so pleased for you, you are a warrior if ever there is one! You go girl!

Great news that chemo can go ahead x

Oh my gosh,such amazing news! After all you’ve been through. Best of luck with the carbo.🌷

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement.

Now I just need a good night’s sleep and I’ll be ready for tomorrow morning!







I knew you would do it! You carry the gene of positivity. It’s what makes your body able to be treated and get stronger. You are amazing.

Imagine being excited to get chemo again?!

May you continue to get better and better. God bless you Laura!



Lindaura in reply to Mptelesca

Thanks, Marissa,

Yes, it is rather funny to be excited about getting Chemo, but as time goes on and we live with this disease, we take what we can get and grin and bear it.

Who knows how this will affect me?

Luckily, I have been eating for England this past week, so I can face the usual digestive issues.

I am awake early now, ready for treatment soon!



very Good news. Wish you Best luck.

Great news lovely to hear just keep going

All the best Maggie

Oh this is just the news we love to hear! Best wishes x

Brilliant news! Lets hope the carbo does the job! so pleased for you xx

That’s brilliant news. Keep on with the good fight. Hope your chemo goes well and you can continue to feel this excitement! Positive thoughts and positive action. X👏🏼


Fantastic news Laura, I am thrilled you’ve had such positive results so far, the drop in your CA125 is truly amazing. Good luck today with your chemo and stay well lovely lady ❤️Xx Jane

Have been watching your posts and am delighted for you. Good luck with the chemo, may the results be just as good. Sue xx

Brilliant news Laura. So great to hear this. Hope today goes well x x

That's wonderful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💐😘

Btte in reply to LittleSan

Hi Sandra have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.Lots of love Bridie

LittleSan in reply to Btte

I'm doing OK thanks. A bit plagued with a water infection at the moment and needing morphine but I'm pootling along. How are you Bridie? Much love to you. 💐 😘 😘

Laura as I sit here awaiting the imminent arrival of a grandchild. Emotions run hot and cold with my own uncertain future. Your news brings a big smile to my face. Goodluck today and in the months ahead. Sylvia x



Brilliant news onwards and upwards x

Great news Laura. Best of luck with Carboplatin. It worked very quickly for me, taking me from 250 to 12. Unfortunately now I have stopped chemo it is on its way back up. Really disappointed, and hard to understand.

Lindaura in reply to TarbonNZ


We seem to win one battle and before we catch our breath, we are back in another.

All U can offer, us don’t give up the fight!



Hi Laura

Brilliant news!

Similar here, blood tests good so Chemo today.

Best of luck with everything.


Fabulous news - you really are an inspiration to us all. I was beginning to feel a little down with all the aches, pains and fatigue but you have cheered me up no end. Many thanks and good luck for today xxx

It's lovely to share in your good news, keep us posted x

Such good new. xx

Fantastic news Laura I'm really made up for you. May the good news keep rolling in. 🤗 Jackie x

This is wonderful news Laura! Hope your chemo goes smoothly today and your ca125 keeps dropping down, big virtual hugs,

Liz Xx

It's so nice to hear great news! It's just the pick me up we all need to hear one of our own is seeing such positive results. Hugs to you!

Good news, well done for persevering... you and I will both be getting our carboplatin today then!

I am curious as to whether you had carboplatin originally, as part of adjuvant chemotherapy, which would mean this is the second time you've had it?


Lindaura in reply to jwilliamsb

Dear Miriam,

Yes, I was in a new regime if Carboplatin and Gemcitabine.

I only had one cycke, consisting of the Carbo and Gem in day one, and then just the Gem on day 8.

Four days after the Grm alone, my bone marrow crashed, with every kind of blood cell plummeting to dangerously low levels.

My Oncologist told me she would not risk Chemo again, and I felt doomed.

But then my bone marrow rallied, the CA-125 showed an amazing response, and she relented.

But would only use Carboplatin.

Hopefully, that’s the part that destroyed my cancer cells!

Hugs, Laura

jwilliamsb in reply to Lindaura

Yea, I remember reading the most recent events, I meant did you have carbo originally, at diagnosis, and from checking your profile, I see that you did, along with another chemo (taxol? forgotten already, chemo brain, that's my excuse!).

I'm going to have to read through all your historical posts I think - wondering how you got on with a PARP inhibitor, which they've now offered me after my 4th chemo today (Rucarib though)... they don't sound l ike much fun I have to say...


Lindaura in reply to jwilliamsb

Hi again, Miriam,

I reread your question and realise I answered too quickly.

Yes, I started with the usual Carbo/Taxol, which was extremely effective, along with the debulking surgery with that laser zapping device, but it only gave me 6 months NED.

Then I had Carbo and Caelyx, which was not quite as effective as there was a tiny module left , but with my CA-125 down to 15, and being BRCA1 positive, decided to go directly onto the PARP, Niraparib (although I wanted Olaparib).

This was not effective, although it slowed growth, it did not stop progression.

I was on a low dose, but because of my weight, the doctor refused to increase the dose, even though my bloods were strong throughout.

I have heard good things about Rucaparib and think you should try it.

Meanwhile, I have been studying treatment with Carboplatin alone, versus combining with Taxol, and studies have shown it to be just as effective!

That’s good news for me.

Best wishes,


jwilliamsb in reply to Lindaura

You mention the studies with carbo and taxol - I chose to refuse taxol and have been having carbo only. We must have read similar studies, but as I understood it, taxol gives something like a 10% increase in the rapidity and efficacy of carboplatin alone, but there's often a high physical price for taxol, and really it seems its the carbo doing the job...for a while, anyway. The carboplatin seems to be having a deleterious effect on my red blood cells rather than neutrophils, so far, and although my CA125 dropped from around 1100 to 107 after 2 treatments, the third only gave a further drop down to 90, which I found disappointing - fingers crossed the 4th I had yesterday drives it down more.

Shall be posting a question shortly re others' experience on Rucarib... also got some research to do myself, but I think all three PARPS work in similar ways. Olaparib and Niparib seem to be the most commonly prescribed; my Onco is talking Rucarib because he's "got more experience with it'" and I am not BRACA positive, so that rules out Niparib anyway. But he's already told me its at least a month of diarrhoea, fatigue and feeling rough if I go on it, along with high risk of anemia, likely a particular problem for me, and it means more shielding, I am pretty sick of that already, living alone as I do, you start to wonder what's the point...

In regard to PARPs, there's a study that's been going on in the States which is showing that PARPS are much more effective if taken with immunotherapy drugs, though I've no idea what they are. The Macmillan nurse told me yesterday these aren't available here yet, well not on the NHS anyway, not sure about private. More research for me when I'm up to it, and it won't be after this Sunday, when the side effects of the carbo I had yesterday really kick in for 8 or 9 days; it seems to aggravate my arthritic pain for one thing, plus I notice there's a lot of loose hair getting stuck on the vacuum brushes😙. I envy your enormous energetic and consistent drive to keep going - mine falters frequently I'm afraid, probably depending on my mood - I have rather a changeable, moody nature I think!

By the way, what laser zapping device?

Good luck, hope the carbo does the job well enough


Lindaura in reply to jwilliamsb

Hi again,

I forgot what it’s called, the laser beam thing. It zaps the residual remains of any destroyed lesions.

Meanwhile, about Niraparib. I had no bad side effects while in it (for just three months). My bloods stayed strong and I felt better than ever, almost like I was on speed!

Sadly, it did not stop progression, although it slowed it. I was in 200 Mgs, but I wanted to increase the dosage, Instead of stopping, but my Oncologist refused.

Anyway, you sound like you are in the ball with your research.

Good girl.



jwilliamsb in reply to Lindaura

Thanks. If immunotherapy drugs become available, I reckon you should ask to try Niparib and one of those in combination, worth keeping a track on the situation. The immunotherapy drugs offset what the PARPs can't do...

Take care


I've been reading your posts since I joined the site a few months ago. This is brilliant news! Delighted for you.

Hi Laura,

Brilliant news - now onwards and upwards to more success with your treatment. Gwen x

Fantastic news- well done!

So happy to hear this--both the test results and the continuation of a chemo that is so effective! Good luck and congratulations. Great news! Judy

Thanks again, everyone, for your words of encouragement.

I am in the Chemo Suite now, having my desperately desired infusion of Carboplatin.

Warm, but gentle hugs to everyone ,



Dear Laura I can feel your excitement , and can picture you in the suite.I was a patient of the lovely R.B. back in 2012, she and her team looked after me really well until hubbys job moved and she referred me to The Christie. I hope all goes well for you and look forward to your future posts. Lots of love Bridie

Lindaura in reply to Btte

Thanks , Bitte,

It’s wonderful to hear good reports about our Oncologists..

We give ourselves totally trustingly into their hand and depend that they will try their best to lolokbafter us.

It’s good to keep that hope in mind.

I am hopeful now.



I’m so pleased for you Laura. Lot of love Ali x

I’m so happy for you! God answered your prayers. Now kick this ca125 all the way down to nothing.

Fab news . PMT keep it up . Well done xx

So pleased you have got some good news at last. I hope it goes well tomorrow.


Laura, it's great to hear great news for a change & keep that fight in you going. Good luck tomorrow Xx 🌸

Thanks so much everyone.

I am feeling even more hopeful the following morning!

I am trying to drink as much water as possible and will add electrolytes to it (Dyerlyte) plus I have my Magnesium sachets!

I read this morning that Carboplatin alone is as effective as Carbo combined with Taxol fo most Ovarian Cancer ladies, so I am definitely feeling positive.

Just hope it doesn’t try to kill me again!

Hugs to you all,



Hooray indeed 😊! Very happy for you. Good luck with the rest of your treatment - I’m sure you’ll get there. ❤️X

Excellent news. Keeping everything crossed for you x

Wonderful information!

go on happy and strong!

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