Results day !!!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support.

We got my daughters results today. And the cancer was contained within the tumor and therefore she does not need chemo or radiotherapy. Thank god. But she will need endoscopy to check for disease and and womb biopsy as well. The doctor is fairly certain it will all clear but they just want to make sure.

We are very relieved and now have to get over the other tests and biopsies and we can finally love forward x

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  • That's great news, so pleased for you all xx

  • I am very glad. X

  • That is brilliant news and I hope the other tests will be fine, its probably just to be sure all is as it seems.

  • What wonderful news. Wishing your daughter a long, healthy and happy future xx

  • How relieving ! I was thinking on this waiting for news. Great!

  • So pleased to hear this xxx

  • Great news x

  • Great news xxx

  • Pleased to hear you got good news xx

  • Yay good for her 😀

    Aemi x

  • Fantastic made up for you all Annie xx

  • Have been thinking about you. So glad your daughter doesn't need more treatment. Poor girl has been through enough.

  • What a relief. I hope everything goes well for you and your daughter. Irene xxx

  • That's great news. I am so pleased for your daughter and you a nd the rest of your family. Please God the other tests will give the same outcome. Ann xo

  • Great news!


    Annette xxx

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