Daughters results

Hi all. My 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous germ

Cell tumor which weighed 6.5 kilos when it as removed along with an ovary and Fallopian tube, appendix and omentum. Her scar is 14 inches but she has done well recovering. Her diagnosis was 16th March and surgery was 19th March. Her results are tomorrow 😳😱. We are all very nervous whether she will

Need chemo or not. I just want her well again. But I will say Barts hospital London are amazing x

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  • Good luck for tomorrow. What a worry for you. Fingers crossed. xxx

  • Hope all goes well tommorrow and you get good results. Love Jennyx

  • Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, let us know how she is doing?

    Dawn xx

  • What a terrible shock but your daughter has been in good hands with such prompt surgery and treatment. I hope she's well on the way to recovery now and you can all put this awful time behind you.

    I hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. If chemotherapy is recommended it is for all the right reasons and it really isn't scary. It would be wonderful to hear that no more treatment is necessary.

    Let us know how you get on tomorrow. xxx love Annie

  • Wishing you good news tomorrow!

    Love Wendy x

  • I'm keeping everything crossed for good news tomorrow, love Kerry x

  • I hope all goes well tomorrow.


    Zannah xxx

  • I will be thinking of you both 2moro. Hoping you get good positive results. X

  • I hope for good news tomorrow. Thinking of you both xox

  • Hello there. I am under Bart's and you couldn't be in better hands. I do hope the results are good. Take careof you both. Irene xxx

  • Thinking of you and your daughter, wishing you both well for tomorrow. As Annie says, if the worst comes to the worst and your daughter needs chemo, there are plenty out there to reduce the chances of it ever coming back. It is hard when she is so young, sending you virtual hugs

  • Wishing you well for tomorrow. Fingers & toes crossed.

    Best wishes

    Sharon xxx

  • I am sorry to hear that such a young lady has come down with cancer. I wish her all the best and lets hope she needs no chemo.

  • Good luck for results sending lots of love xxxx

  • So sorry to hear your daughter is going through all this. But like everyone says your are in good hands. All decisions are made for the best. Wishing you both well and a good outcome.

  • Thinking of you all, fingers crossef for good results x x

  • I hope things went well xxx

  • Hopefully today's results will be good. Ann xo

  • Hope she had a good result.

    Annette xxx

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