sounds like stage ?

hi guys,me again dont want to be a nuisance and keep popping up but I need some advice,my mom is about to be staged soon and I need to ready myself for the news,so it would help if some of you could estimate (I know its only a guess) what stage she is at....onc,says she has had it 18-24 months,its on her left ovary its large and is attacking her liver,its also in her stomach linning and around her bowel and bladder,surgery is out the question as its at parts he could not reach,she is having warfarin daily and has started to be sick and have diorrhea,she has lost weight and looks drawn,,she has had 13 litres drained of ascite and some is coming back already after 18 days,she is about to start chemo (we hope) soon but as yet thats all we know,,just an idea of how far down the line she is would be helpful and I know its not written in stone,it will be taken as general advice,thank you all for being here...x

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  • Hi Shaun,

    It does sound quite advanced to me,but I'm no expert if you click on to the OvaCome website they may have the stages of OC on there but if not they will have it on the Macmillan website because I have read it in the does explain on there how they stage and grade the cancer (worth a look) you are not being a nuisance this is what this site is for to help each other and we are all impressed how caring you are love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Hi Shaun, I fully understand your need for information. I was very similar when my partner was diagnosed, to the extent that I obessed about staging etc........maybe it's a bloke thing. I found that rather than concentrate on the "numbers" I was more use to my family if I tried to focus on supporting them. Knowing the staging won't give you a clear indication of how your Mum's tumour will respond to chemo, so hang in there and keep giving her the love and support. TR

  • Hi Shaun

    Do feel free to give us a ring at Ovacome on 02072996650 to discuss this further. From the information you have given it sounds as if it is probably stage 3 but I would need to discuss this further to be sure. I would echo what Tim above says - try not to concentrate on what stage it is but what is most important is how your mum responds to chemotherapy. Let us know if we can help

    Best Wishes

    Ruth Payne

    Support Line Nurse

  • Hi Shaun,

    Good on you for getting prepared! Don't read too much into it all, though - mine was big, fierce and agressive, and I've achieved full remission and maintained it. By which I mean to say; even the scariest cancers can respond well to treatment.

    The information you seek is at - having said that, there are no certainties until surgery has exposed the reality.

    Very best wishes,


  • thankyou,cant say anymore at the mo.xx

  • I can only thankyou all individually,accepted it sounds like stage 3 but that is where my platform has landed and my fight begins,lets hope moms is the same but somehow I doubt it,suppose the hardest fight is pushing back stage 3 but as you know I am up against doesnt seem to want to fight yet...i hope and pray she will.but i must observe her wishes no matter how much it too kills me,you all know how i feel,you have all walked this path,and it aint no easier now,now better now i am educated,its still a bitter pill

  • my heart bleeds daily,and more so now than when I never knew about this site,it can only help and give guidance when we are at our lowest,new to this its without any recause I salute you all for what you do,and how you do it,for what ever reason,for whatever gain,you are my walking angels and god bless yo all

  • Hi Shaun,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mum,our hearts bleed for you too,

    Would it help her in her battle if you were to show her the success stories of people on this site ? there are many...some people were diagnosed with stage four.. and are still with must be awful difficult for you as we all want to hang on to our loved ones as long as we can...she must be so comforted to have such a caring loving son like wishes love x G x

  • hi gwyn,have passed on these details and given her ruth paynes number,unfortunately she was taken to redditch hospital this morning so it just seems to get worse very quickly day by day,she would love to chat to someone in the kidderminster area to compare I guess,I have also told her about some of the good stories and how she must soldier on but its all a far cry when its actually you who`s in pain,will give her your websites details

  • Hi Shaun,

    You are right, it isn't always the case of fighting for your is just that circumstances take over.. that is out of yours and your mum's control.... you are both on a hard road... which is out of your hands.. she is in the best place in they will know what they are up against (we don't) I send you my prayers and good wishes x G x

  • Hello there

    The more I find out, the less reason there seems to be for staging oc. It's the response to treatment that's critical, and there's no predictor of that yet.

    Don't worry too much about the numbers. Mine came out as '1c, aggressive, but likely to be responsive to carboplatin'. Is that better than '3a, not aggressive, not so responsive to chemo'? And there are many more combinations - see what I mean?

    Good luck

    Love Christine

  • thankyou

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