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results day yesterday- good news!

Hi Ladies

just to let you know that I went for my results of the CT yesterday, yay, good news, no disease evident, phew, was getting myself convinced that it had returned, I think thats a psychological action to guard against disappointment.

After nearly 3 years clear, I got complacent, and thats when it returned, so no more complacency for me ( dont think it will make any difference, but its something I can do, as sod all else seems to make a difference!)

The onc initially said no more scans for 6 months, which worried me a bit, as my bloods dont indicate anything (stayed at 7/8 even when it returned, and only went up to 64 when I went for initial surgery- stage 3a!)

she then came back in the room and said she had changed her mind, and scan in 4 months- god knows what happened, but I am grateful, so have (the dreaded word) christmas (sorry!) all clear.

A good friend of mine lost her mum to cancer this week, so so sad, and it makes it difficult to share my news with her as she is devastated, it will wait tho.

take care you lovely ladies



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Hi Sue,

Thank you for sharing your good news this is what we need ...a big dose of happiness...

I remember a little while back you asking about "Kezzerbird" well I don't know whether you have heard..but she sadly lost her battle on 6th August.

Sending you my best wishes and love x G x :-)


Blinking bloomin b####ocks.

Thanks for letting me know.



Don't let it spoil you good news though love x G x


Oh, Gwyn. I am so sorry to hear that. She sounded one hell of a fighter and always positive and just a lovely person. It's been too many lately hasn't it? Bless her.

Love Wendy xx


Hi Sue! So glad it's not as you feared. Always got myself convinced that it had come back every time I had a check-up too! Weird, isn't it. I think i5's as you say, to fear the worst so it's not a shock when it comes. What a lovely surprise when it doesn't turn out as you fear though. So now, just enjoy! Plan a celebration .....maybe even start Chrismas shopping :-/

Love Wendy xx


Hi Sue, Thats really good news for you, I know how you felt as I had my check up

Monday and was convinced all was not well, but I was reassured my body hasn't

got back to normal yet and could take some time yet.

Sorry to hear about your friends mum she must be hurting really badly at the moment.

Tell her your good news after the funeral is over, when she has more time to think

about other things and I,m sure she will be really overjoyed for you.

Love Angie xx


So very pleased for you Sue ,

Just wonderful news and now you can go foward ...

Take good care now xx

Love Jan xxx


thank you ladies, so good to know youre here( even tho its not a good place to be )



That's such wonderful news, thank you for sharing it with us, uplifts and makes us more positive. Enjoy the happy news...

Love Sue xx



Great to here the good news.

Good you persuaded oncol to do scan I had my first check up two weeks ago even though ca125 rose wont do scan till I get symptoms.



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