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results day!!!!

well ladies its results day tomorrow Tues 27th.. as you can all imagine how i am feeling i though i would ask for some tips on how to get some sleep tonight.. i am so worried everyone keeps saying how well i look so that in there eyes must mean that everything is clear but we all know that may not be the case. i am so apprehensive about being to confident as i dont want the wind knocked out of my sales, please can yo all keep your fingers crossed for me ..


lots of love suzanne.. xxxx

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I will keep everything crossed for you!

As for sleeping tonight - well; there is nothing that you can do to change the results - good or bad - so work on recognising that worrying is just counter-productive; have a drink of whatever helps you to sleep, a couple of 'quiet night' or similar tablets' and do lots today so that you're tired!

Very best wishes,



thankyou isadora.



Hi Suzanne

I really hope you get good news tomorrow. The waiting is horrible.

I've just cycled to the surgery to collect my sleeping pills. I forgot on Friday so I've had a couple of bad nights. I'm so tired I nearly fell off my bike!

Being confident is a good sign.

Love Sarah


thanks sarah... do you take the sleeping pills every night?? i do have great trouble sleeping sometimes.. please be carful on your bike..:)) xxx


Yes I'm afraid I do have them every night. Not something I would ever have contemplated before but I think these are special circumstances. There is very little that is within my control but I can make sure that I am as well and active as I possibly can be and that includes being well rested.



Hi Suzanne, fingers crossed for you. Know exactly how you feel, just had my ct scan today and the results were due on 11th April, so I thought enjoy Easter (we are visiting our grandchildren) then on arriving home from scan, my appointment had been changed to the 4th April .so will it be a false smile or not at Easter. Its so hard to try and stay calm. Like everyone says I look so well. Hope you get some sleep tonight,please let us know your results as soon as you can. will be thinking of you tonight. Lots of Love Sue x


thanks sue...

same goes to you to good luck for the 4th stay positive. please let me know hoe you get on. xxxxx


Hi Suzanne! Everything will be crossed for you. Keep strong and read a very boring book when you go to bed, after following all the other advice .or listen to a relaxation CD, if you have one

Will be thinking of you

Love, Wendy xx


So - did you sleep ok?

Good luck today.



I didnt sleep well ne. I was awake a 4am. :-( thanks for all the good luck. X x x


I was too - worrying about my horse who is lame and might be coming to the end of what we can do for her. When I let her out this morning she was loads better than last night.

I hope today will prove better for you than you dare to hope.



Good luck and love from me too. I've only just read your blog and will be thinking of you today. Love Annie


Suzanne , of course you are a bit naxiuos , you wouldn't be normal if you weren't.Very best of luck and do let us know how you get on. Will be thinking of you today.

Love Charlie xxx


Hi Suzanne and all the other girls,

I just want to wish Suzanne good luck!! Just know all will be ok for you. Keep smiling and chin up! Love Lynn XXX


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