DD's MRI Results

DD and I went to the Royal Marsden yesterday to get the results of her MRI scan and we have GOOD NEWS! For the first time ever, we can say, EVERYTHING is stable. No bits here and there causing problems, EVERYTHING is pretty much as the last scan. The consultant has said DD can go 4 months before having another MRI, instead of 3. That's a big deal to us! We are hoping for a 6 months gap in time. We know this thing is unpredictable. We know the MRI Scans will be going on for some years to come, but today it feels like progress has been made and we are so thankful.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers and good wishes.

Honey :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D

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  • Brilliant news, Honey,

    I hope there will be much more good news ahead.


  • Thank you Isadora x

  • Whop shop that's great news! Send your DD my congrats. Stable is great news, and so comforting as one can relax a bit!




  • Whoop whoop was what I meant ;-)

  • Whop Shop, Whoop whoop, same difference! :-) I knew what you meant. Thank you Sue x

  • Brilliant news , hope you both celebrate with a nice treat .

    Charlie xxxx

  • Thank you Charlie xxx

  • Dear Honey

    Thanks for sharing your good news after this MRI scan. Stable is good. Stable gives you much needed family time. I'm so delighted for you all. Please keep posting. Love to all the family. xxx Annie

  • Thanks so much Annie xxx

  • Oh Honey that is such wonderful news for you all. So happy for you.

    love Suexxx

  • Thank you Sue. xxx

  • Honey, give DD congratulations for the exam. And hope this will be the first in many showing disease stabilization.



  • That's great news Honey. Very pleased for both of you. Relax and chill out now.

    Love Mary xx

  • Great news, Honey. Long may it continue. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

    Linda xx

  • Great news, love Sandra xx

  • Great news- you must be over the moon!

    Love, Anne xx

  • Great news Honey xx Trish

  • Honey

    That's such wonderful news! So pleased for you and DD.

    Love, K xx

  • Wonderful news - celebrate with your family, do something special x

    Annette xxx

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