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Results from CA125 tests

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Well got my results on Thursday CA 125. 12 fantastic its gone up 2 but still low when its been in the thousands before chemo. I mentioned to Doctor that l wasnt happy never seeing a Doctor. And that lve had a very swollen stomach on my right hand side for 6 months and that worries me. So l will have a scan in next 2 weeks hopefully then face to face consultation with Doctor to check, but she did mention it could be the shunt running through my body leaking slightly in the side and if thats the case ld have to see my Brain surgeon to sort that out and that l might need reprogramming. Well at least someone's looking into it at last. So feeling more positive & Daughter in law had partial breast removal yesterday but thank god it went well, seem to spend a lot of my time praying at the moment. Had a tough few weeks hopefully things will get better lm sure. Sending love & hugs to you all keep fighting Boys & Girls SheilaFxxx

11 Replies
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Good news that your ca125 is still very low ,and that your are getting a scan to sort out the swelling in your stomach.Always something new . I was taken into A@E last week with severe stomach pain .They did a ct scan ,turns out I have kidney stones .so off to see a urologist on Tuesday.

On the positive there is no evidence of disease in the peritoneum, which is a huge relief.

Onwards and upwards xx

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Realistic in reply to Manchesterlady

Your poor girl, l believe kidney stones are extremely painful, think they can blast them these days to get rid of them . Hope you getPositive news on Tuesday and that your not in too much pain.

But like you say on the positive side no disease in the peritoneum. So good news

Your right always something. But sending love & positive thoughts for your consultation on Tuesday , good luck. SheilaFxxx

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That sounds great Sheila… and you are knocking it out of the park on stating what you want! I finally have a f2f with oncologist late July…on the phone he just talks AT me and doesn’t listen x

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Realistic in reply to Lyndy

Thanks Lyndy, yes you do feel there not really listening to you that there actually ready for there next call. But l was lucky yesterday and got a lady Doctor part of DrClamps team that really listened and was actually on the phone 30 mins so for me it was a good result Hope I get her when l go for my face to face consultation . And good luck with your visit to the oncologist it will probably be about same time as me, fingers crossed for us both stay positive & well..Sheila Fxx

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What a hard time your family has been having. So glad your C125 is so low (wish mine was). So pleased you are going to see your onc face to face. All very, very best wishes for you and your daughter-in-law x

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Realistic in reply to Cumbrianlass5

Thank you so much for your kind wishes l really appreciate them, think things do get on top of you sometimes. But thankfully my results were low it had gone up 2 but that’s fine. I do have a very swollen stomach at the moment on the right hand side but Doctor mentioned it might be my stunt leaking into my side, nothing to worry about l don’t think. But ld have to consult my Brain surgeon if it is and might have to be reprogrammed hopefully not but hey whatever it takes. So waiting for scan and then face to face consultation for results. Only thing that actually ever worries me aboutMy own health is the dreaded CA125 tests and l also know that some people

Always have a high reading and there absolutely nothing wrong so please god that’s the case with yours mine went up after ld had the COVID vaccine and then down again the following month. Our daughter in law had her

Lump removed from her breast and the lady Surgeon did an immediate reconstruction pretty amazing she was only in the day. And feeling very

Sore at the moment but we all know that will pass. Just thankful it's been

done tend to worry about everyone else to be honest. Sending love & hugs

To you all, stay positive SheilaF xxx

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Cumbrianlass5 in reply to Realistic

Thank you for replying to me. Yes things do get on top of you at times. Cancer is such a nasty, nasty disease. All good wishes and prayers for you and your family x

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Realistic in reply to Cumbrianlass5

Sending love 💕💕💕xxx

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Cumbrianlass5 in reply to Realistic

and to you x

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So glad your feeling more positive, and your daughter in law is doing OK. ❤yes think we do a lot of praying and thinking but keeping positive is one of the best medicines even though its hard some days. Push for your face to face with Doctor you are worth it as they say! Hopefully some good days on their way for you all.

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Realistic in reply to Casamimosa

Thank you hopefully my CT scan will show what the problem is with my swollen stomach. Think Doctors rights could be my shunt leaking slightly sounds dramatic don't think it is. Anyhow lm booked in for face to face appointment. CA125 is only 12 that's my biggest worry and its good so all positive. Sending love & hugs to u all SheilaF xxx

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