Good News from ONC - It worked!!!!!

I'm so high on adrenaline I'm not able to sit down and don't know whether to start cleaning or baking or what...

My ONC Just called me FIVE DAYS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE... My post treatment CT results came in early and there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE whatsoever!!!! I had a successful surgery on July 30 followed with six lots of paclitaxel/carboplatin, Avastin continuing. (Stage 4 OC)

Pre chemo I had a spot in the liver they were not sure about - I had an existing liver cyst and it was not clear whether the spot was pre-existing or cancer related.

It is all gone. GONE. Nothing abnormal going on in there.

I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself. Nina XX

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  • That is great news Nina. Long may it continue :)

  • Ay-men. Hoping for a good break from chemo! :)

  • That is absolutely fantastic news! Kicked it right up the butt! Now to get on with the business of living! !

    Maz Xxx

  • Brilliant news.....I feel celebrations coming on! Love Janett xx

  • Hi Nina, That is fantastic news, time to live life to the full! Pam x

  • Wonderful news, really happy for you xxxxx

  • Wonderfull news to start a new year with, long may it continue.

    Love Jennyxx

  • Thank you all for your support. Time to live life to the fullest. I wish I had this kick in the arse a decade ago... Hell, two decades ago. So much to do. #HighOnAdrenaline


  • Sorry been nosey, when were you diagnosed?

    SAM xx

  • No worries, ask away :)

    MY OBGyn referred me to specialist after an abnormal ultrasound finding at the end of June. Had my appointment the first week in July 2014. Got the date for surgery already on this visit. Had a CT scan which showed bilateral large tumors. My markers were 1500. Had surgery on 30.7 bilateral s-o-ectomy and hysterectomy, r/o omentum and r/o a part of small intestine which was strangled by tumor. He was able to remove all visble tumor. Was discharged on day 4 post-op in good form.

    Nina x

  • Brilliant, what can I say except enjoy yourself, live life to the full and don't worry about the unimportant stuff xx

  • Fantastic news so chuffed for you. Never mind cleaning or baking, get yourself out there and have some overdue fun, Kerry xx

  • That's amazing news, what a great start to the year. If you're buzzing and don't know what to do I've got a shed load of ironing :)

    LA xx

  • Fantastic news. Another inspiring story of a stage 4 diagnosis. Love it ! You are not permitted to clean or bake. Go celebrate your good news xo

  • Fantastic xx

  • Brilliant news .... Great start to 2015 xxx

  • Fantastic you go girl!!! Happy 2015

  • Wow! So pleased for you.What great news to start the year.Have a well earned glass of bubbly!!

    Long may your good health reign!!!

    Much love JO

  • Thank you so much for all the support. I'm so relieved I have found this community. Been a little shy to post myself but been lurking a lot

  • Shoot. And here's what I was talking about in my other post today. Posts turn out incomplete. Only a third of my message is showing. Sorry :(

  • Congratulations that is wonderful news!

  • Absolutely fantastic. So pleased for you.

    Mary xx

  • Brilliant! m x

  • Fantastic news!! Go live life xxxx

    Sharon xxx

  • Just left a comment and lost it!! Anyway. Wonderful news! Treat yourself to something you want but don't need. You deserve it! There are quite a few stage 4 survivors on here who have never recurred so there is always hope you can be one of them. :-). Live your life as if you will be but also remember to appreciate all the little things we all took for granted before diagnosis. ;-)

    Have a lovely day.

    Love M.B x

  • Thank you for that lovely message. I'm already making plans for my garden and greenhouse for the summer... and I really want that KitchenAid blender ;) XX

  • You have to get a kitchen aid, I've got one and they are fantastic. If you love baking, you'll love it even more! x

  • Haha... I think this is the perfect time to get Kichen Aid... it's something I have wanted for a long time. My phillips still works so it's not that I need it but heck... I want it and I'm going to treat myself to something nice

  • This thing really cuts text in half. Is it me or is it getting worse?

    So frustrating.

  • Fantastic news, I feel high just reading your post. What a great start to the year. Trix

  • Thank you lovely ladies for all your kind messages. I think I'm still high from the good news ;) XX

  • What fantastic news. Celebrate. And thoroughly enjoy 2015 and many years to come.


  • Great news Nina. Take it easy though and give yourself time to recover. Ann x

  • great news - thanks for sharing it with us.....xxxx

  • Well done. This is fantastic news. I am so pleased for you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations!!! So pleased to hear another success story. An

    Amazing new year pressie! Xxx

  • So pleased for you Nina! Wishing you a continued Happy (New) Year!!


    Annette xxx

  • I can feel your joy from here. You've got me grinning from ear to ear. So,pleased for you. Thanks for your wonderful post x x

  • Fabulous news and am delighted for you!! Sxx

  • Thank the Lord...... Long may your good health continue. Irene xxx

  • Fabulous - celebrate! So delighted for you x

  • Congratulations I am so happy you have had a great outcome. I wish you a continued happy healthy 2015.

  • I'm so pleased for you Nina, it's fantastic news! You should celebrate by doing absolutely everything you want to until you're so exhausted you need to sit down and have a glass of wine or 2! Xx

  • So happy for you Nina. I am celebrating with you. You kicked it and continued good health to you.

  • Fab news go and enjoy!!

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Absolutely brilliant! Go girl- do whatever!


    Anne xx

  • Thank you. Great advice from all of you lovely ladies. To the fullest...

  • Great news Nina, treat yourself and go celebrate, this year is a good year,

  • So happy for you! Enjoy and have fun!!! SO GREAT! Sharing good news is so uplifting!

  • I can feel your happiness from here and so happy for you! It's always great to hear stories like this. Long, long, long may it last for you! Go enjoy your life! xxxx

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