Good news hopefully

I had chemo yesterday carbo only.

I did ask what my ca125 level was and it was 7. I'm over the moon with that.

I have a ct scan a week on Monday and am hopeful for good news surely with my ca level being so low. I'm quite nervous of the outcome still though.

I have 1 more chemo left!!!!! Can't quite believe the last 7 months journey is nearly at an end.

Avastin has been mentioned so may be having 18 cycles of that??

Another lady I know the same age as me who sees the same onc hasn't been offered it. I just wondered if any of you know the criteria for being offered it?? I'm worried it maybe they think the cancer hasn't gone??

Have a lovely weekend ladies, best you can.

Mandy, xx

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  • Mandy that is such good news.

    I am sure the CT scan will be positive.

    Do you know when you will get the results.

    Be strong. No reason for negative news from the scan.

    Sarah x

  • Thanks Sarah,

    I feel pretty crappy after the chemo but am trying to stay positive.


  • Not sure when I will get results.

  • Hey Mandy!

    That's great news! Only one more to go woohoo!!! All numbers are going in the right direction......!!!!😁😁😁


  • Thanks D, can't wait to hear the words no evidence of disease.

    Keeping strong.


  • Well done Mandy. So hapoy for you x

  • Thanks Tracy,

    the end is near for both of us. Onwards and upwards for us both now. Xx

  • Absolutely x

  • That's really good news for you xx

  • Thanks.xx

  • Hi Mandy, that is a very positive result on your 125. Dont be worrying about the scan easier said than done. You have just one more to go now and you are almost there so all positives vibes being sent to you.

  • Thanks Suzuki, just can't wait to have the scan and put my mind at rest either way. Thanks for your positive vibes.


  • Fantasist news and don't overthink why you're getting Avastin just take it. There are lots of people they don't give it to but try not to think of the why or why not. It's had some great results at prolonging recurrence. I do think they are very strict now on who can have it. I think they manage the parp inhibitors the same way with qualifying criteria. I was just relieved to get it.

    Wonderful news for you and your family. Definitely worth celebrating xo

  • Thanks Julie,

    I'm going to take the avastin would be foolish not to. I guess I have to see myself as lucky for being offered it. I would be more bothered if I didn't have it offered I suppose.


  • Fab news Mandy. I don't know where the months have gone..

    Debs xx

  • Love the new pic debs, and thanks, xx

  • Brilliant new Mandy! Cant believe the CT Scan will show anything other that good results! Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy, I do hope so, xx

  • Hi mandy, that is good news, I was on avastin after finishing my last lot of chemo but my oncologist took me off it as it wasn't working for me. I really wanted it to work as I know a lot of the ladies on here are on it and it worked for them. Don't worry about it I wish it had worked for me, it's just to make sure and kill off any little bits what the chemo didn't get. Sending you big hugs xxx

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