Saw my onc today.im into the 13th week of my 18 weeks of carboplatin.she said it's not working as well as it did first round the markers are coming down but at no great rate.i don't know about the rest of you but I tend to freeze when I'm in a room with 3 people I don't know.so I couldn't think of any questions and was more than happy to carry on.its only when you come out you want to ask what she's going to do about it.at the same time I think she should have told me what she has in mind.i guess I feel a bit of a twit and I don't really know what to do.x

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  • You always see the same onc

    I always ask wait for the head of department , otherwise I have came out not knowing wat the hell they mean , I think he's continuing meantime with the plan lol annie

  • I know how that feels like. Xx

  • I would advise you to either write directly to the consultant and explain and ask your questions or contact her secretary and explain to her. Ask her to get the consultant to either telephone you ( be aware, some won't) or write you. I suppose the positive to take is that she hSnt said to stop the treatment and i believe that if she really felt there was no point continuing wirh it, she would have done. Good luck. Ann

  • I'm going to say the same as Ann,

    Can you get the email address of your oncologist? My gave hers quite freely and I've always had a response from her within a day if not hours. I had to ask her questions after my meeting with a surgeon the other week and she never seems to mind. Ive come back from her appts and hours later I've remembered what I should have asked and email her then.

    Good luck


  • Gosh, I can empathise with that feeling. I try to take someone with me to ask questions. Can you ask for another appointment or phone call?

  • Yes I cant wait to get in to the onc and when I am in, I cant wait to get out, that is very familiar. However Monday due to a problem in main hosp, clinic was moved over to oncology and I was certainly more at home since I am in there every three weeks. I did quiz the Reg, she didnt like it one bit. Tough, its my body and I am the patient. But I had made my apt on the way out for November as she said. Appointment came in post for CT Scan today for October but that will have to be changed because I have scan same day as Avastin usually. She also sent me a check up apt for December long wait from Oct to Dec so I must have really annoyed her. No matter will change when I have next Avastin and know my dates going forward. Did you see the consultant or the reg, sometimes the latter can be godly. My onc consultant is very good mind you.

    When you go to treatment next, ask to speak to one or the other or a gynae liason nurse if there is one. I remember being told once that my markers had gone up and not down but found out subsequently that all patients had this result that week and it was a fault in the lab. Try not to worry, the chemo started working and the markers havent gone back up and that is a positive. Just ask to see someone at next treatment and hopefully it will be explained better.

  • Hi. I always write my questions down the night before. Mind you I am not sure they like to see my notebook coming out of my bag. I think just sitting in a doctors office can make your mind go blank. Some of them don't have a great empathy with patients and really should be taught a better bedside manner. As Suzuki said in her reply it's your body and your right to know. I am saying all this knowing that I myself have been subject to an oncology nurse who has no idea of the effect of her lack of compassion. I just don't want this to happen to you so please insist that you are happy with the answers. Take care and best wishes


  • thank you all for your support and advice.my daughter in law is hopefully going to speak to onc on Monday.she takes no nonsense so hopefully we wil get idea of plan.thank you all again regards Carolyn x

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