Woohoo!! Good news!!!

As you all would of seen I was waiting for some results today about some pre cancerous cell in my stomach fat found while having my ovaries removed! Well I've had the results and the pre cancerous cells aren't invading anywhere so I will not be needing any further treatment!! I'm over the moon!! Just a few follow up apoint,met a d under the hospital for the next 5 year for check up but I can live with that!!!

And I can now sort this menopause out but start on the contraceptive pill!!

Finaly I can celebrate :)

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  • Brilliant news, Belle! What a relief. All the rest will come together gradually as you can relax and sort things out one stage at a time.

    However......this weekend is for one thing only......Celebrate!

    Well done to you and your husband, who I am sure, has been a great support to you.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Great news enjoy your weekend love x G x 8-)

  • This is absolutely brilliant news belle, have a lovely

    weekend full of celebrations.....don't over do it though...

    you are still recovering from your op.

    Lots of love

    Angie xx

  • Fantastic news Belle.

    Louise. Xx

  • Great news- what a relief it must be! Hope you're recovering from the op ok! Claire

  • Thats brilliant news Belle.

    Ally xx

  • Oh phew that's great news! Time to look forward again... :-)


    Sue xxx

  • Wonderful news it is always up lifting to hear good outcomes. X

  • Fantastic news, I'm so pleased to hear this! Have a great weekend xxx

  • Dear Belle

    You've been through the mill and have always been so positive and brave. I'm delighted for you both that the op went well and now you've had the good news that no further treatment is necessary - just the odd checkup.

    Now enjoy your life together and put the recent problems out of your minds. I think a celebration is in order. xxxx love Annie

  • Great to hear your good news. Celebrate and enjoy :-)



  • That's great news Belle. Relax and celebrate now!! :)

  • Hi belle, I've been following your posts (and all the other ladies on here!) but I don't often post - I just wanted to say great news, onwards and upwards now. Have a lovely weekend and celebrate xxx

  • Great news Belle!

    Keep well and happy!


  • So pleased for you, Belle, and the very best of luck for the future. Super news!!!

    Love Solange

  • Great news Belle, I'm really pleased for you.


    Zannah x

  • Fantastic news so pleased for you Belle. Xxx

  • Thank you every one.. Completely over the moon... Just want to thank you all for all your support.xxx

  • Well done! Enjoy your weekend and relax. :)

  • That's wonderful news, Belle, so very pleased for you. xx

  • Congratulations, Belle. Really brilliant news.

    Hugs, Fernanda

  • Fabulous. Get on with your life, I wish you happiness and success, But please continue to spread the word - ovarian cancer can strike any woman at any time and the more who know the signs, the better. Cxxx

  • Great news, definitely worth celebrating!



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