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Hello Everyone.

I posted recently about a recent ultrasound scan I had. It was my second one after episodes of blood in my urine and pain in my pelvic area. The result after the first scan was the consultant I saw saying 'he did not trust the scanner who had done the first scan, and he wanted to do his own'. ( The scanner was a doctor, and he noted ' a small renal cyst on my left kidney, and mild hydronephrosis on the right kidney with some post void urinary volume). I waited for the second scan and the person doing it at a different hospital said she couldn't see any enlargement and no cyst, but she told me that my left ovary was slightly enlarged, with the right looking normal. So this was an incidental finding my doctor said.

I later received a 3 lined letter from the consultant saying 'everything was normal with no mention of the swelling on the ovary. I asked at my G.P surgery today for the hospital report. It stated ' Both kidneys appear normal. There is no evidence of hydronephrosis and no obvious calcification's demonstrated.

There are no obvious focal lesions in the urinary bladder.

The left ovary is slightly enlarged measuring 3x3.5x4.5cm (is this tiny?). The right ovary is normal in size and structure. Normal anteverted uterus with endometrial thickness of approx 5.2mm. No free pelvic fluid noted'.

My worry is with an history of CIN changes 20 years ago, endometrial hyperplasia, fibroids and a left ovary that once contained a corpus luteum (common?) and continued pain lower left side, It could be something which gets missed.

I have also been to my doctors today for results from a CA125 blood test I had last week. She told me it was alright at 20 (range over 35 a worry she said.) I asked why I was still suffering with pain, she said she couldn't answer. She felt my tummy area and I nearly jumped off the couch. She later said she would re-refer me back to the 'Gyne', but I am wondering if it should be a different kind of 'Gyne' due to the swelling of the ovary?

Also received Vit B12 result of 155ng/L (was 157 in Aug) range 150-620ng/L, Folate of 4ug/L (was 3.6ug/L in Aug) range 3.1-19.9 ug/L and Ferritin of 19ug/L (was 16ug/L in Aug), range 15-200ug/L my doctor said these were all within normal range.

I have been suffering with all sorts of symptoms and wondering whether they could be due to the Vit B12, Folate or Ferritin levels?.

Or whether due to the swellings?

Or the suspected 'Hughes Syndrome'?

The urologist will discharge me next week my doctor told me, but I am wondering if I should ask him to refer me on to a 'Gyne?'

Any idea's or suggestions please?. I would be very grateful.

Sorry its a bit long!


Love Bernie x

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Hi Bernie

If you're not happy then ask the GP to refer you to Gynaecology and ask them the questions! You know your body best. Good luck and hope you get some answers soon.

Love Wendy x

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Thank you Wendy. I'm going to do that. X

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I think to be sure get to see a gynae and get any scans you had to be rechecked by the hospital, then hopefully you can sit back and relax. Maybe you also have scar tissue which could cause the pain,

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Thank you Suzuki. I am going to ask the urologist next week about having a copy of the scan. Could be a likelihood of scar tissue. Take Care x


Hi! I would ask for a referral to Gynae clinic, and they hopefully, will investigate more thoroughly. Do you have any other symptoms? Have a look at the symptom checker on BEATovarian cancer. It will give you some more evidence if you record and print it out. Are you feeling abnormally bloated, or tired, or full after eating? sometimes it comes down to knowing your own body best and insisting its checked out if you know.....just KNOW....that something is wrong.

All the best

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy.

I have a swollen tummy (I look pregnant), pain and discomfort in my lower left side abdomen, feel nauseous most days with occasional sickness. I feel tired constantly. My appetite is off, so I've lost weight (could be due to the anxiety though) and don't eat a lot when I do . I suffer with dizzy periods also.

My G.P did say she would refer me back to a gynae. She wasn't going to though until I explained again my past history!

At least its being done. I shall press the matter further when I see her next and hopefully it will have been done.

Thank you for replying.

Love and Hugs



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