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Freaked Out...New Here

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Hello all. I stumbled acrossed this site while doing research and thought why not. Don't really have a lot of people in my life to talk to about all this and those that i do talk to just brush it off like its nothing. A little history: I have 2 children, I was 19 and 21 when i had them. At 25 i had an abnormal pap and they did 11 biopsy's on my cervix. I had pre-cancerous cells and they decided to do an endometrial ablation. I haven't had my period since so thats a plus. (31yrs old now) I've had ovarian cysts since I was 11. At 27 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. The doctor i was seeing at the time wanted to start me on a shot and 3 months later still no shot so i said forget it and dealt with the pain. 3 weeks ago i went in for my annual and spoke to my new doctor about the endometriosis. She had an ultra sound done. I am also on meds for anxiety and insomnia. When i went back a week after the ultra sound to have my meds changed a different doctor told me that i needed to be seen by and OBGYN asap because the ultra sound was showing a complex cyst growing on my left ovary. When my regular doctor called me a few days later to talk to me about the ultra sound she told me she couldn't give me a lot of details and if i was done having kids i needed to push for a hysterectomy asap. I've always been in pain and just assumed it was the endometriosis. Always bloated no matter what. I have horrible back pain,left side, which i associated with a car accident i was in in 2004. I was told that I have 2 slipped discs. Now that i'm doing all this research I'm freaking myself out. I probably shouldn't be on google til after i see my OBGYN. But im reading everyone's post about bloating and back pain and I'm a little nervous about what this could be. So my question is should i have them test my blood, CA 125? But with that being said it would possibly show high because i have endometriosis. Just hoping for some advice. Super nervous.

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Hi Ashley,

Yes you should follow this up and ask for an ultrasound, ct scan and have the ca125 test also.

I'm not a doctor, but this is what we are trying to get across to more women about this disease. It's like a silent killer, and most women have no symptoms at all til it's too late.

So get everything done, asap.

I hope there is nothing for you to worry about, but don't take any chances, the earlier this is caught the better chance of survival.

I hope that everything comes back clear for you but better safe than sorry.

All the best,

Ann Nora 🍀

It's natural you should be worried but bloating and back pain can be indicative of other things too. These symptoms are so often ignored.

Your ultrasound has shown a complex cyst and you do probably need a CT scan. How long do you have to wait for your next appointment?

You are doing the right thing by getting this checked out now.

Hi Ashley, I agree completely with Ann Nora & January 2016. My other suggestion is to ring the Ovacome fee phone Helpline 0800 008 7054. Anna is the nurse 'manning' the line and is very experienced; she can draw from years of professional experience whereas we on this site can help with our experiences of having, and living with, OC.

My bit of advice from personal experience is to try Mindfulness - I started with an online course which a colleague recommended to me as I was coming to the end of my first chemo in autumn 2011. Last week, on "Trust me I'm a Doctor" on BBC the subject was Mental Health and how to help nourish our own mental health. Surprisingly, my husband suggested we watch; from this he decided to download an App on mindfulness and we are listening to the 3 to 5 minute sessions, one each day, together. I'm watching, with interest, as, in all our 48 years together, he has said very little about his feelings. If you want the details of the online course and Apps, do ask.

Warm wishes for as good a day as possible.


Yes I would recommend the CA125 test be done ahead of time if possible so that you would have that info as well when you see the dr. Not Sure where you are located/live so wondering if you all gyn surgeries are done by obgyn or if you have access to a specialist like a GYN/ONC there. If there is any question as to it possibly being cancer make sure you are seeing a dr with lots of experience in this area.

Hi Ashley, lets hope its nothing to worry about. I have to agree with others when it comes to having a ca 125 you need to know where you stand.

I had a accident at work in 2004 & suffered with my disc squashing together. I was in dreadful pain & still suffer to day. On top of that I have had years of stomach pain which was put down to IBS. So I do know where you coming from. Saying that it doesn't mean you have this cancer but I can see why you put it down to your Endometriosis & your back problems.

I will be thinking of you when you see your OBGYN lets hope they have good news. Please keep us up dated take care Cindyxx

Get ultrasound. Test for CA125 that should be your baseline reading. then ct scan if abnornal.You have two young children to take care of and god bless your family. I had already started the ultrasound and ca125 for my three grown up daughters after their mother passed away, the onc advised to do so.

I also agree on getting all the tests, it will give you better information to work with. for me, it was very hard not knowing. I felt sick all the time. It's not easy now, but I do have direction on the right path. Take all the help you can get. Sending blessings Eileen

Sorry it took so long to reply, went on a much needed family vacation. :) Thank you all for your kind words and information. I saw my OBGYN and she wants to wait 4 weeks(Dec 6th) and do another ultra sound to check on the size of the cyst. I also have to see a spine specialist to find out whats going on with my lower left back pain and to see if it's related at all. She doesn't want to do tests or talk about surgery til then. Still in a lot of pain and still super nervous but all i can do now is wait a couple more weeks and hope for the best.

In the meantime, DECORATE. It's a great distraction from everything. Blessings Eileen

Hi Ashley

Sorry you are having such a worrying time.

I would definitely ask for a CT and a blood test. It will, fingers crossed, be absolutely nothing sinister but you need to put your mind at rest, and, if it is cancer, get the treatment started.

Hope everything is positive for you and you get sorted out soon.



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