I'm new here and petrified

Hi ladies, I went for a follow up ultrasound on what I thought was a simple cyst (I have no obvious symptoms that I read about) a doctor performed the scan, she took ages and looked concerned. She said I had a cyst on each ovary, but what her main concern was, was that she could see a lesion, but wasn't a 100% sure what it was on. Seeing gynaecologist tonight, can't eat and can't stop worrying.

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  • It is shocking and scary. All I can say is that they 'have got you now' and will get to the bottom of it. It may be nothing, if so great. If not, best find whatever it is now before real symptoms. And if it is a malignant lesion, everyone on this site will support you when you need it. Hoping you haven't joined our club x

  • Thank you, I haven't told my husband or grown up children, really don't want to worry anyone until there is something to worry about, spent the last week avoiding people as much as I can as I'm so knotted up.

  • Hi. I'm sorry you are having to go through the worry and the stress. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! The 'good' news is that you have a quick appointment to see the gynaecologist and that you will have less time to worry and stress and that you will know quickly what they plan, if anything, to do. The worst bit I've always found is the not knowing. Important bit of advice, stay off Google. Google can't diagnose you, the statistics aren't up to date and you are YOU and individual. Reading Google you will just scare the wotsit out of you, let the professionals do the diagnosing. We are here for you if you have any questions and in the meantime I'm sending you a big hug and best wishes for your appointment later, do let us know how you get on xx Kathy xx

  • Thanks for your kind words x

  • Hi

    Kathy has already given you great advice and it sounds as if your doctor has done a good job with a quick referral . Yes the unknown is terrifying but hopefully you will soon have a plan in place and know exactly what you are dealing with . It's natural that we want to protect our loved ones but are you sure you wouldn't be better discussing your concerns with your husband ? He can then be there for you and offer support .

    Sending you a big hug and best wishes for your app and really hope you are given the all clear . Love Kim X

  • Hi lovely,

    Welcome to this wonderful site, every lady on here has a different story to tell, I'm on here because I support someone with Ovarian Cancer.

    Easier said than done PLEASE don't be petrified everybody here will support you during this time. Hopefully the doctor will put your mind at ease and it not be anything to worry about.


  • Hi Plum 64 reading your post and I hope all went well with your appointment, best wishes

  • Hello Suzuki, the gynaecologist/ oncologist didn't seemed concerned with the ultrasound report, but she is going to remove my ovaries to stop any further cysts forming in the future, and have a proper look around, booked in for 11th July. Still got to have bloods done. x

  • I suppose this is a good plan for you, best to get rid of anything that will cause you more trouble in the long run, I believe those type of cysts can reform so best out than in

  • Hi Plum 64, I hope that your appointment helped to reassure you and it is very good that you are having the ovaries removed soon. Do you think that you might share this now with your husband and children? Gillian :) xx

  • Morning Gillian, thanks for your comments, I am still coming down from my panic and anxiety, and digesting this information, I need to find out if I will need HRT seeing as my ovaries will no longer be providing eastrogen. I plan on telling the family at the weekend, just wanted to protect them from the anxiety I had been feeling. X

  • Hi, yes I perfectly understand those feelings. My first concerns in all of this are my three children and my husband and not wanting to put them through the mill. As Kathy (Katmal) says - stay off Google, best advice. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well. Keep posting :) xx

  • Morning ladies, I've received a private message from a member urging me to have a CT scan before surgery. I had a very thorough ultrasound and gynaecologist/oncologist is comfortable with findings, she said the best way to find out what is going on is to literally have a look - what do you think?

  • Hey Plum!

    I imagine the message is concerned with having the fullest picture before they go in for surgery as this may influence how the surgery progresses! Bearing in mind that I am not in any way medically trained but there are so many different kinds of cysts that having the level of detail that a CT can provide may further support the surgery process. I had a cyst, it was 16cm, I had both a CT and MRI before surgery which told the doc that the cyst was complex with nodules, this meant that my Gynae Onc knew when he went in that there was possibly some sinister cells in there. It turned out that there was. More often than not there isn't so I wouldn't worry about that what I am trying to say is that because of the CT and the MRI my doc had as much information as possible before he went in. In fairness he would have done the surgery whether he had that info or not as the cyst was large!

    I don't know if this helps but I suppose each doc is different and will propose different ways of dealing with these situations. Your doc is a Gynae Onc which is great too!

    Good luck!


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