Sooooo nervous 1st opa this week for results!!

Hi all, well what a site I have discovered and amazing people and stories!! My journey so far June suspected bowel cancer with raised ovarian markers in my bloods. Abdominal bowel surgery took place and right ovary/fallopian rube also removed then my recovery period from surgery. Last week went to see oncologist who said that there was no bowel cancer it was ovary but had adhered to my bowel and that I should be under care of gyne oncologist not abdominal oncologist. A lovely oncologist joined our meeting and she said she wanted another ct scan which I've had and now I've got an opa for later this week, quite worried as to the outcome!!! Reassurance , prayers and healing thoughts urgently required. Plus does anyone have experience of oncology at st James hospital, Leeds?? Thank yuou

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  • Hi Joanne, firstly welcome, youre welcome to our lovely gang. I'm sorry you've had to join us but you're now part of the most fantastic support group imaginable.

    It seems your team are quite proactive and you've already had the second scan. It's good you've already had your surgery and your appointment with the oncologist, who will have the scan results, will tell you so much more, try not to worry, easy said I know but we've all been where you are, and do let us know what your oncologist says. Isn't it strange having a surgeon and an oncologist? 😬

    I'm sorry I have no experience of St James in Leeds as I'm in Manchester but somebody here will have.

    Take lots of care and keep us informed. Sending lots of love and big virtual gentle hugs ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi cropcrop! Thank you so much for your positive reply, its surprising hoiw people on this forum can lift the spirits when you are feeling vulnerable and alone its just sad we have to search the subject , however there are a lot of people in worse situations so apologies for my negativity! I wish you well as you progress along this road and again thanks, prayers and hugs to you xx

  • Hi again just noticed in your profile you had hypercalcemia, so did I 7 years ago and had two?? Parathyroid glands removed!! Coincidence?? X

  • My hypercalcaemia was caused by my ovarian cancer, my endocrinologist said that the most common cause of hypercalcemia, can be from small noncancerous tumours on one or more of the four parathyroid glands. Other causes can be ovarian cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, as well as some cancers of the blood. It was really very unpleasant, the nausea and sickness was awful and because it was caused by my cancer they were unable to sort it though they really did try, I had to be hospitalised for a week at one point and spent many hours on saline drips and had quite a few different infusions to try to bring my blood counts back into the 'normal' range. Once the cancer was removed during my hysterectomy I was fine because the cause had been removed. I had a few bone scans to see if the calcium levels in my bones had been depleted but I'm really fortunate that there, so far, don't appear to be any long lasting issues. I hope your hypercalcaemia wasn't as unpleasant as mine was. Keep as well as you possibly can ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Joanne

    Sorry that you have had to join our club but you are very welcome . Great you have had your surgery and hope your recovery is going well . Can understand why you are worried about your appointment with the change of diagnosis and waiting is always difficult. If it is confirmed that you need further treatment and chemo don't panic and take someone with you if possible to write down all the info as alot to take in .

    My treatment is in London but wanted to send you a big hug, and lots of positive vibes . Good luck with your appointment.

    Love Kim x

  • Thank you so much Kim and I wish you every good wish on your journey ! Xx

  • Welcome to our group. It must be quite scary to think you likely had one type of cancer only to discover you have a different one. Try and write down any questions you'd like to ask. It maybe you may need further surgery as it's usual to remove both ovaries, Fallopian tubes and the uterus with ovarian cancer unless the cancer is caught in its very early stages and you have yet to complete your family.

    A number of members speak highly of St James's in Leeds and doubtless they will come on line soon. All the best!

  • Hi, I'm under St James at Leeds . I would highly recommend them. They are all lovely , nurses and oncologists.

    Val. X

  • Hi val, thanks for your message I'm just nervous for results but deep down I feel hopefully that if and when they offer some treatment plan I'll feel reassured and that something positive is happening rather than this waiting game!! Wishing you healing hugs xx

  • Hey Joanie

    You certainly will feel more positive when you have a treatment plan in place. It's all so daunting and confusing in the beginning especially if the diagnosis is not clear but you will soon know what is going to be done about it and that helps to feel more in control. The waiting really is the worst!

    Hoping all goes well for you and sending love and hugs xx


  • HI Joanie, I'm glad you found us this site has helped me enormously over the 3 years with advice and encouragement, I'm in Australia this is one of the great things about this site, you can correspond with all the lovely ladies from a round the world who under stand how you feel.

    I hope you are recovering from your surgery, sound like your oncologist is going to be on top of this, as soon as you know her treatment plain you will feel reassured, Till then I'm sending you my heart felt best wishes keep your chine up Lorraine 💙💙

  • Thank you Lorraine I'll be glad when I know my plan, hope you are keeping well too. Lovely oz we were going to noosa in November to visit nephew but that's on hold now!! Good wishes to you xx

  • Joanne-

    The ladies have already said it all. But I wanted to remind you we are all here to support you. We are all going through it, and it is helpful to remember you now are part of a sisterhood that can offer encouragement, wisdom, friendship and hugs whenever you need it.

    Lots of love to you. You got this!



  • Thank you Anne same back at you!! X

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