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Ruptured cyst and OC blood test next week


Hello I posted a few weeks ago with worrying symptoms that could be OC I really think it's not but anyway I pushed for an ultrasound and got one 12 days ago. The sonographer wouldn't discuss anything ominous like cancer as she said it doesn't show on an ultrasound even the internal one but when pushed she said there was a large cyst on my right ovary that had ruptured she said it ws inverted irregular rough shaped and leaked fluid hence my bloating. She said it's perfectly normal most women get cysts that burst and to book a follow up appt no early than 6 weeks time ....meantime I had asked for the blood test to eliminate OC and despite my first doctor refusing the second doctor agreed under duress as he said I've no symptoms of it..yeh right!!! And I go the end of next long winded question is if my cyst has burst why do I still have a very bloated tummy nausea ( feeling waves of sickness not actually sick) awful pain and cramps in my tummy and aches all over 12 days after its burst..they never said anything at the scan and when I rang me doctor as sonographer digested just to check they didn't need to see me the doctor has nothing to say other than she'd re refer me for the ultrasound in 6 ish weeks that's it...has anyone had a ruptured cyst and still has the same symptoms for weeks as this might be normal..I can't find anything online to say it's normal but it probably is.thanks again

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As almost everyone on this site has a confirmed cancer diagnosis, you may get better answers about cysts by ringing an advice line, either the Ovacome one or the Eve Appeal.......

A friend of mine had a ruptured cyst. She said it was very painful and unpleasant but she did not have cancer.

Thanks for your reply I need to explain ...I posted on here as all my symptoms 2 months ago were pointing to OC unbeknown to me but whilst battling to get taken seriously by my gp they referred me for a scan which found a burst cyst but I still have the same symptoms that raised suspicion in the first place I. E constant very bloated tummy nausea pain in thighs shoulders and back.thats why a friend recommended posting on here..I don't have my blood test for another week but was asking if anyone had a burst cyst to see whether these symptoms are still the cyst are back to original suspicion of OC as these symptoms have been around 3 months now.


I'm not sure if I can be of any help but,I would highly recommend taking precious advice and calling Ovacome or Eve....

I had a tumor on my right ovary with a solid component that a gynaecologist oncologist confirmed needed removing immediately.This was picked up on an ultra sound on May 30th.

Much like yourself I was feeling very unwell and as these unwanted friends are often full of hormones the larger they get the more they omit,hence they can often mask symptoms comparable to IBS and indeed pregnancy.

By the time I made it for surgery on 28th of June(total hysterectomy/removal of ovaries)I felt incredibly unwell.

It transpires my ovarian tumor had ruptured and the hormones pumping into my system had made me feel most unwell....nausea,bloating,dizzy spells,lack of appetite etc...just like your good self. I am awaiting pathology results and can only remain positive.

I am very fortunate my dad is a retired consultant and explained it would take some time to flush all of this out of the system which may explain why you have continued to feel poorly.However,please do keep pushing for support but,also have faith that when your ultrasound was performed it will have been closely examined and then hopefully there is nothing to be too concerned about.

I sincerely hope you are feeling better soon.I'm not sure I've been much help but,if I can offer support in anyway please do get in touch.

Best wishes,Clare

Thank you for your help sorry to hear about being so unwell . The lady who did the scan said she can't comment on anything suspicious she just spotted the burst cyst and my doctor wasn't interested but by what you've said maybe this sick period after my cyst burst is my body reabsorbed all the nasty stuff. I'll be happy once my blood test is clear and rescan is clear hopefully thanks again xx

I do hope your blood tests are positive and I really do sympathise...some of these cysts can make you feel very unwell to say the least!Please do let us know how you get on best wishes Clare xx

Thank you i was given no information at all the pain was unreal before it burst but they never gave advice about it still being bad for weeks surprise though as my doctors have been totally useless x

It sounds like you are doing all the right things to make sure everything is normal. It does take the body a while to reabsorb the burst cyst. After my ruptured Cyst is when I demanded that my dr not ignore me any longer on this ongoing issue and insisted on ultra sounds/scan. She was so embarrassed once the results came in that she had her assistant call me and tell me the results. When do you get your CA125 results back? We are all in your corner and hoping for the only the very best for you.

Thank you for your reply I don't have my ca125 test til next Tuesday it'll have been 6 weeks waiting even then I had to push then they said results take 5 days. When you say you pushed your doctors after your cyst burst what did you push for I.e more scans etc? X

I had been complaining of all the normal signs and she continued to dismiss them as anything other than my diet or scar tissue and would not run any tests. I pushed for a scan & ultra sound after the cyst burst. The pain was horrific and I knew that was not normal. She begrudgingly ordered the tests and then didn't have the guts to tell me she was wrong. I have since found a new Dr and not a PA to deal with. It took well over a year and a half before she would run any tests.

That's awful buy sadly my experience too. Everything is because I'm older then perimenopause bla bla bla I was diagnosed with cysts 7 years ago and never offered a follow up it was only when I mentioned to a friend whose a retired nurse that she said all the bloating and pain etc could be more than meno that I pushed the doctors 6 or 7 months ago and only now have they arranged ultrasound but as it found cysts and ruptured cyst they say that's been my issue all along nothing more but wouldn't eliminate OC by offering a ct scan as I've read the basic ultrasound can't detect cancer so after virtually begging for the ca125 blood test hopefully I'll know fir sure. X

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