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first scan ??

hi hope you all dont mind me asking this as nothing has been confirmed in my caes, so here goes i was referred to gyne after going in due to having heavy and very achey pains weak bladder and bad back for quite gp ran a blood test which came back with very high CA-125 and sent me to see a gyne..the gyne did swabs and such 2 wks ago and booked a scan for me which was today. my question is did they tell you at scan or leave it for the gyne to tell you as my next app is not untill august...when i went for scan she did a normal one then asked me if she could do an internal which i agreed she did my left side then my right but turned the screen so i could no longer see anything she stayed on my right for what seemed awhile. then asked when my next ap was to which she said 'well dr will call you in early after looking at results or may leave it till aug' not very reassuring neither was the fact she then went on to wisper to her assistant about what ever she found or didnt find ..just not sure how to feel right about now still no nothing

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Hi there... a CA125 level can be raised for a number of reasons including endometriosis and fibroids. It can also not be raised and cancer is there Stage IV, which is the case with me. The CA125 protein marker result is useful to track an illness but not really as a diagnostic tool.A swab of the cervix would not normally show ovarian cancer though many women think that when they go for a smear test, it will. I've had many scans and never once have I been told what the findings are, even with a basic scan like an ultrasound though I know some others have. Just because the results have been kept from you, doesn't mean you have anything untoward. Most times, it's hospital policy to pass the results to your doctor. Good wishes are sent your way. x x


Dear Toad

I'm shocked to read how you've been treated. You have a right to know what the radiographer has seen, or thinks they have seen, at your scan. I would ring my GP to ask when the scan results will be received and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Let's hope it's all nothing but that whispering makes everything seem so much more scary. Please don't leave it till August to hear what they consider the problem to be.

Sending much love xxx Annie


Hi there

Well I know they are not allowed to tell you anything at scan -- because I asked. However, they are certainly expected to behave professionally and neutrally. Whispering and alluding to things is hugely and outrageously unprofessional. I think you have every right to demand an appointment to get an explanation of that regardless of when the hospital thinks your call back should be.

You may find its a storm in a teacup and she was whispering that she desperately wanted it to be tea break time or something else utterly trivial. But it still left you with grounds to complain...


Sue xxx


Hi! Welcome to our site. I hope it's not as you fear. However, your experience was very similar to mine, except for the time frames. I had a first scan, then a second one then an internal one, then an appt with a consultant radiographer, then a CA125 blood test. The appointment with the consultant was about two or may even have been three weeks after my initial scan. However, I kept asking 'could it be cancer?' They always replied very evasively and didn't say anything conclusive. It wasn't until I had had my operation that they said I had OC, but by then I knew instinctively. They tend not to tell you what the problem is until they are sure. I think it is still the case that they will call you in earlier if there is any concern that it is likely to be cancer, so if your appointment is in August, it could be a hopeful sign.

I hope that is the case

Love Wendy xx


thank you for the replys xx i dont know if my GP will be of any help as im under the hospital gyne for was the CA-125 done by the gp that led to me being seen at hospital along with other symptoms..i guess it will just be a waiting from now then, i think for the next 3 wks i will be on edge half expecting a call or letter BUT after that i can put my mind at rest and assume the scan was clear and leave it till august. I hate not knowing but i guess they are doing their jobs just a little reassurance from the sonographer would have helped :/ no news is good news or so they say xxx thanks again though ladies honestly its so nice to see others out there willing to share experiences to help others xx


plus to add to this the gyne was very good said if scan was ok wouldnt need to see me till august so can assume if anything showed up i will deff be called in sooner ...another thing i found quite annoying on first meeting with him he was very unclear was quite young and just said due to my age it was hihgly unlikely (im 30) which i also know is NOT the case ..i have not had any of the swab test results back (2 wks ago) but know my smears are clear as my GP did this along with CA-125 so i do have positives to focus on just annoying that ive been left to feel like this after the scan ...can i ask is it not normal then to be given the vaginal (internal) scan so soon as she started off with the normal one but then requested my permission to do internall which obviously i complied with ..who wouldnt really when its so important x


When I went for my scan I was given an internal one and got the impression it was the norm to do both. Like Wendy said, they will call you in earlier than August if they have any concerns. Take care love Kerry x


I've only ever had ct scans from initial diagnosis to now. Before I had a heart check prior to Caelyx I asked the nurse doing it if they would tell me if there was a problem, and she said they were not allowed, but if she saw something that made her hair stand on end she'd call for a doctor straight away. If there was anything that was worrying they should call you back quickly, but I would ask for the results. I know they can get an initial report very quickly, the in depth reports take around 2 weeks where we are, I would expect all hospitals to have similar time frames.

Hopefully all will be well, good luck



I had pretty much the same scenario as far as the scan went - first an abdominal scan, then the sonographer asked if he could do an internal scan - but following that, he told me that I needed to see my GP within the next two days, and when pressed said that I had a large complex cyst that would need to be removed within the next month and that it might well be ovarian cancer. No one was with me, and it was an enormous shock! I knew I had a lump, but hoped it was fibroids, as all three of my sisters had had them.

Hopefully you will get better news than I did, as your sonographer didn't seem to stress any urgency about seeing your referring doctor very quickly.

Do ring and try to be seen soon, though - waiting is agony!

Good luck,



Best wishes for the result of your scan, what I would suggest is either ring the hospital or your GP for the result of your scan (I did this) it is not right for you to have to wait that long to find out, besides it will keep you on their rada... my friend who is a consultant said I was quite in order to do this. Love x G x


My experience todate is that if they find anything suspicious on a scan you will be called in quickly. I dont think they would wait until August if there were any undue worries. However the whispering is very unprofessional and if you have the strength I would suggest a complaint. It is so hard to remain positive when having these tests done and anything can add to ones unease. I really hope all is well. Take care.

JacJac x


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