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Hi Ladies

Has anyone experienced this chemo therapy? Either single agent or in combination? I have platinum resistant OC Have had carbo/taxel with partial response, avastin added from 4th cycle. Debulking palliative surgery in January this year when disease was progressing on Avastin. Caelyx but interim scan showed progression. Moved onto Topotecan and expecting result of interim scan this week or next. I am considering a trial which includes cyclophosphamide as the control arm and would welcome any info anyone may have had this therapy. I could work through the approved menu first which would include weekly paclitaxel or gemcitabine. Or go for the trial if CT scan shows progression. I look forward to hearing from you. Maureen

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I'm not sure how helpful this reply will be, but, yes, I had it as part of chemo regime (FEC) for triple negative breast cancer 5 years ago.

The cyclophasphamide element looks to be used for quite a range of different cancers, having looked at the Macmillan site, and that might be encouraging.

It's difficult to say how I found it as it was given as one of a trio.

The combined effect of the trio was more unpleasant - for me - than either carboplatin alone or with taxol which I've had for OC, but I don't know whether that was more down to one drug rather than the other ( I suspect the E part was the toughest).

Difficult choices for you and I wish you luck in making them, and fingers crossed for the scan. xxxx


Thank you for your reply and good wishes. Your 5 year timeline is very encouraging itself! Maureen


If you do a search in the search box top right, you'll find cyclophosphamide is used for all sorts of conditions.

If you further narrow it down by adding OC or ovarian or some such, you'll find there are a number of women who have posted on here having had it or having had a discussion about having it.

Just a word of caution..... if you want to contact someone about it, just check that they are still actively posting (click on their name and then their user activity - this aspect is not well managed by the site).

Hope this is helpful. xx


Thank you. That is helpful. also. Helpful in learning to use the site!

Best wishes Maureen


I had Cyclophosphamide with Cisplatinum in 1997 when I was diagnosed. There were no trials at that time so was offered the above. They called it their 5 star Gold treatment. I managed 5 out of 6 but it affected my feet & hands which seems to be a common complaint so wouldn't give me No.6.

I survived for 10 yrs before it came back in 2007 when I had Taxol & Carboplatin, again only managed 5 out of 6 as feet got worse. Came back again in 2012 and was put on Letrozole for quality of life. No surgery or chemo due to long term side effects. Don't know what will happen when Letrozole stops working but at the moment I have good quality of life.

My thoughts are with you & hope everything goes OK


Thank you so much for your reply. Your 17 year timeline itself is very encouraging to me. I had my appointment this morning, but no CT report. Topotecan cycle 5a will carry on tomorrow, and I will probably get CT report next Monday. Decisions then depending on what the result is. Meanwhile, let us both enjoy the good quality of life while we can. 'Que sera sera' as the song goes.

with every good wish for another 17 years. Maureen


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