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The BEST NEWS for me today...Borderline tumour.

The surgeon confirmed today that he successfully removed the suspicious ovary that contained a Borderline tumour made up of low-grade cells that are unlikely to spread. All surrounding tissue etc and Lymph node Biopsies completely clear. No Chemotherapy needed. I feel blessed.

Needless to say, the Champagne is now open and we are starting to relax after months of tension. Initially we felt numb and exhausted, the months of worry and waiting all catching up on us. But the news has sunk in now and how lucky I have been.

I don't think you can ever put an experience like this to the back of your mind, it will stay with me forever and shape how I live my life going forward (No I am not going to have a mid life crisis, but some changes are in order).

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me over the last few months, the site is SO VALUABLE and sometimes the only place where you can be honest about what is happening and how you feel. You can pour out what is happening and other people understand as they have had the same experience.

Off to finish that Champagne now :-) Yum Yum.



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Hi Elaine,

This is such good news, thank you for the uplifting post, we like hearing good news, and celebrate for us all, now onwards and upwards I am sending you my very best wishes love x G x :-) :-) :-)

Oh Elaine, Im so happy for you, brill news.

I will raise a glass to you (not champagne though) Ribena lol.

Love Trish xx

I am so happy for you Elaine... love Tina x x

Hi Elaine

That is great news , enjoy the bubbly .....are you being followed up and if so how often and for how long ?

Charlie xxx

Fantastic news Elaine, enjoy your champagne and relax xx

Hi I,ve answered your original post love Paul xx

Dear Elaine,

That is such brilliant news. I expect you'll be well into the celebrations by now! Enjoy. Mine was borderline and that was 10 years ago.....I'm still well so far :-) I didn't need chemo, just the op. there have been times when I have felt quite vulnerable, you never quite lose the fear.....'what if it comes back' but I feel blessed and have decided to do whatever I can to enjoy the here and now. I'm sure you will look back on this time with great thankfulness. Do keep in touch. Cheers! :-)

Love Wendy xx

Dear Elaine

Thanks so much for thinking of us and posting your news - between sips of champagne I hope!

I'm absolutely thrilled to hear your news. Yes it will have been a life-changing experience and hopefully one you'll say has brought about new ways of thinking and new horizons.

I wholehearted congratulations and whoop whoop from me.

with love xxx Annie

Fab! Julie x

Hi Elaine

Wonderful news.

One of my friends had same experience as you 3 years ago and is still affected by it in some ways.

She is fantastically supportive and understanding towards me.


Best wishes

Anne x

That's brilliant! Don't get too squiffy!


Anne xx

Cheers from me too, that's the best news ever. Enjoy the champagne i'm

having a Malibu and orange at the moment so here's to you.

Love Angie xx

So glad you got good news. Linda xx

Loved your wonderful news ....always much needed and most welcome ..thank you for sharing it .

Jan xx

Wonderful news Elaine,enjoy the champagne Best Wishes Sue xx

Brilliant news!! Best wishes to you for the future and not too much champagne - you'll regret it in the morning heh heh!

Hugs Jackie xx

absolutely brilliant news.

Regards Barbara.

Great news, enjoy it. Gill xx

Hi Elaine - I hope you are thoroughly tiddly by now and off for a good nights, unworried, slightly drunken nights sleep. That as a lovely first post to read after a few days off the site!


Sue xxx

Hi Elaine

I am so very pleased for you, it is brilliant news. It actually makes me feel really happy too. Thanks for sharing. :)


Hi, Elaine!

Very glad for the news. Congratulations!!

Hugs, Fernanda

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