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Borderline ovarian tumour

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Hi guys, feel very nervous posting this but I am feeling so overwhelmed with worry and trying not to worry family/friends. I recently went for some fertility tests and had a suspected dermoid removed which came back as a borderline. I am currently waiting for mri scan and appointment with oncologist. How long can I expect to wait for surgery to check for cells that have spread? Xxx

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Hi, there are a few of us here with experience of borderline. As a general rule, because borderline cells are not invasive, the odds of it spreading are very very small. Your oncologist will advise of the best course of action for you. Some patients are advised to have further surgery and others not, just monitored. I was monitored for 2 years after borderline diagnosis but it came back as cancer so I needed further surgery. I had 2 rounds of ivf (and two misscarriages) in between and I was watched like a hawk. Scans every month almost! No chemo though as it was contained.

It's a crappy journey to be on, but borderline is the best case scenario so please don't worry too much, your oncologist will keep an eye on you :) x

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Thank you so much for your kind reply Jen, I am hoping so much that I will be able to have a baby soon so this has come as such a shock! It's reassuring to here how closely you have been monitored it gives me a lot of hope! Xxx

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Do you mind me asking your age? There are a couple of us here in our 20s and 30s and only found out because of fertility issues. They can do so much now, so even if you do need more surgery there are still options regarding fertility. Frozen eggs, freezing part of your ovary, ivf etc. So many options available now compared to 5 years ago! X

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Yes of course I'm 28 and had been trying to conceive when it was discovered. Thank you I am really hoping that there will be options available to me! Wow I didn't know that they can freeze part of your ovary! Do you know much about it? Xx

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Jen85 in reply to Starhorse

A bit. They remove strips during surgery, then they can be put back after treatment or when your ready to try again. They don't like to implant strips that have borderline cells within for obvious reasons, but sometimes they can find a clear strip to use, or use an unaffected ovary. You may need to travel to a participating hospital.

All very clever! But you may not even need that as you may not need any further treatment 😊

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Thank you Jen! My left ovary looked completely normal but I guess I have to wait for scans to now more? Xx

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Hi Jen. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you, hoping it all turns out well and sending big hugs from Australia.

Hi - this is exactly how mine started then I fell pregnant. Until you have seen the oncologist it’s hard to say, but they should be able to do key hole surgery if needed. Nicola

I had a cyst removed on 20th June and I was diagnosed with borderline ovarian tumour just after. I have been to the consultant and they are going to monitor me every 6 months as I'm pre menopausal and they said to put me into menopause would be bad. The plan is that once I hit the big M they will do completion surgery and take it all away... just a waiting game at the minute

I was diagnosed in July with Serous boderline tumor after a wedge resection. Oncologist has opted for monitoring also for the next 2 years every 4 months . No further surgery was recommended at this time .

I know how scary this can be, but try to be calm until you hear the facts and search for a good oncologist if you are not happy with their recommendations get a second opinion and good luck

Ahh after having my mri results were not clear so now I'm having a c.t scan. Feeling so worried!

How are you doing?

Id love an update on you all! I am 27 and was diagnosed recently with Stage 1A Mucinous Borderline. Blessed with 4 children, so that chapter is over for me, but now I face the 2 options:

Wait and watch

Full hysterectomy

I have no clue what to do!!!

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Hi Boa26, Can I ask what you decided? I have just been diagnosed with mucinous borderline and am wondering the same thing. I have 3 children (I'm 44) but reluctant to have early menopause. Equally don't like the idea of sitting around waiting for a recurrence.

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Hi Boa, sorry only just seen this. I'm sure you've perhaps already made some decisions on your treatment/care going forwards. I too am a mucinous 1a lady (diagnosed 3 years ago age 33)...was offered 'fertility saving' surgery followed by close monitoring (initially 3-monthly USS, then 6-monthly and now yearly). I've been told that it is likely i'll be offered completion surgery at some point as that is the gold standard treatment for this, but the cons for putting me into surgical menopause outweigh the potential pros and so i'm just being closely watched for the time being. No kids but don't plan to have any either. Even with children, 27 is quite young to be facing surgical menopause so perhaps a 'wait and watch' approach would be prudent with future surgery as and when needed. I wish you well on your journey. As Jen said above to the OP - if you're going to get it, this is the one to get. Best wishes xx

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