Officially lost it!

Hi All, the spa/gym at the local hotel has an open day today so thought I'd pop along to see what the facilities are like as GP and rheumy keep saying swimming is good exercise for me - don't much like swimming as it hurts my back and cold water makes everything seize up but ought to at least show willing pending promised hydrotherapy. Decided I'd better scrape off the winter foliage so as not to scare the natives in case I get the chance to try the pool out. Thought the foam was runnier than usual and my legs etc felt a bit sticky. Only when I was tidying up I realised I'd used hair mousse instead of shaving foam! I'm blaming fibro fog ... nothing to do with my age. At least my body parts should stay nicely in place :) x

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  • ooh well no harm done .. i went and sat in jacuzzi and sauna today they help my joints

  • Got to laugh,.I once started polishing the house, thought my wife had got a strange smelling polish, til I realised I was using Raid fly killer! Well I am a bloke!!!

  • Well this made me think about a tale my uncle tells of staying with my mum when she (his big sis) was at uni and he started brushing his teeth in her gig and thought the toothpaste tasted a bit off and looked and discovered it was spermicidal gel! TTx

  • Oops meant that to say her digs!

  • Lol, just had steroids so due fuzzed again this morning !!

  • This is sooo

  • That's so good love the winter foliage lol,my ex hubby once drank calomine lotion instead of milk of magezia lol xx

  • Such a funny thread! My Mum once put Olbas oil in her eye instead of Optrex...ouch!

  • So many people using the wrong things an ex of mine once brushed his teeth with athletes foot cream instead of toothpaste can laugh as hes an ex lol

  • I once annointed piles with toothpaste instead of germolene in the middle of night somewhere in france. Trying not to disturb my sleeping companion.,.

  • Thanks guys, good to know I'm not the only one. Feel slightly less of a numpty now x

  • I had a good giggle, thanks all.

    Mary x

  • My granny when she stayed with us used Harmony Hairspray as a deodorant instead of the can of Sure ....she wondered why her armpits stuck to her dress...ha ha ha.

  • You all made me laugh out loud! Thanks guys, I needed that! ;-)

  • lol! i've poured milk straight into the kettle instead of the cup before.

    can't beat the toothpaste cream though - i bet you didn't half yelp Cathie!

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