've lost my got up and go, you seen it??

Thank you all for the replies there's always something isn't there. Whether its an aching finger pain in your heels like Sylvi or just feeling crap. Is it RA is it the medication who will know all i know is that we all need a time to feel good if only for a few hours. I seem to have lost my get up and go my excitement for new things and my vavoom that would normally say yes i'll do that and then go ahead and enjoy doing it. Not think for goodness sake why me why on earth did I say I'd volunteer, have any of you guys thought that way.Answers on this brill site.

tricia p xxx

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  • Like you tricia my get up and go and gone into hibrenation. I am seeing a dr first thing tomorrow morning. Hug s to you.xxx

  • I've been feeling like this for a while, and if your gp is anything like mine Sylvi he will just suggest doubling the anti depressants that seem to go hand in hand with this disease.. ??

  • Fully agree with you Donnalouisec. My GP is useless but he's the only one I can trust. weemikec

  • Hello all,

    Sorry you are all feeling so low. Mine's gone too - maybe our get up and gos are all off having a party somewhere else?

    I don't have any answers though - I wish I did. But it does help, I find, to know I am not alone in feeling like this.

    Thinking of you (us) all -and really good luck at doc tomorrow Sylvi.


  • Mmmmmm nothing new to say can only agree with what others have said xx

  • I think they've all gone to Timbuctoo, and left us here to wallow. Today I have pulled up the drawbridge and not going to let anyone in.

  • I'm in bed - tried doing tai chi class this morning for first time this year and my get up and go had upped and gone without my permission. In my case it a post MTX hangover but I like the suggestion that they are all having a party together somewhere at least.x

  • Hi all my get up and go has gone on for months :( but funny thing the other day my friend picked me up and took me to a beautiful craft/ coffee shop where we spent a few hours and relaxed with a chit chat cuppa and a man sitting playing a piano lovely atmosphere. I actually forgot about coming home. It only lasted a day but it was nice to have a day where I felt I had to get up and go instead of me always feeling poorly and saying no....hugs prairie x

  • Hay guys and girls come on yes RA is crap but we all have bad days and bad times yesterday I could not stay awake and said in bad all day. But today I am feeling great that's RA for you. Try to keep smiling. XX

  • Yes we do all have good and bad days. My days at the moment are awful with lots of pain in my shoulders and knees, my right elbow has flared up and my right hand is very stiff and sore. I think my get up and go went a long time ago but do see glimpses of it occasionally!

    These bad days will pass - just keep telling ourselves that (until the next time).

    Love LavendarLady x

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