I'm sexy and I know it

Well it seems the NHS is absolutely determined to make me look glamorous and sexy. Went for my bone densitometry scan yesterday because of the case of the mysterious shrinking woman. Nice radiologist took me to the changing room and told me to strip to pants, socks and shoes and put on two gowns - one right way round and the other as a dressing gown so my bum wouldn't be swaying in the breeze. She then proceeded to give me the two largest gowns I've ever seen. So there I was swathed in two acres of hospital fabric from half way up my neck to just low enough to display the lovely walking boots I'd put on to deal with the snow. Of course it would be too humane to have the changing room next to the x-ray room so I then had to do the walk of shame past a crowd of onlookers all dressed in coats and boots. If only I'd thought to take the beautiful wrist splint to complete the ensemble.

Nice radiologist then weighed and measured me and declared I seem to have lost more height that the NOAR lady thought as someone has nicked three inches while I wasn't looking. Much fun then ensued as she yanked my stiff sore ankle about to try to get everything laying flat on the bed. No mean feat as I have a scoliosis so have been off kilter all my adult life. Lots of scan and re-scan later she declared she'd got the best scan she could but it wasn't going to prove easy to diagnose because of the curvatures. I do so like to present a challenge to our esteemed NHS practitioners. At least I'm consistent ;) x

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  • Ah yes those beautiful hospital gowns.....they should be made a fashion statement...LOL!!!

    Hope you are OK. xx

  • Hey read my blog Misty and you may realise how beautiful and sexy you really are - it's the f

    giantess gowns and the hospitals that are hideous not you!

  • I read your blog this morning Tilda and it made me smile - a lovely way of looking at our little "imperfections". It's all in the eye of the beholder. When I lost weight a couple or so years ago my skin managed to shrink back reasonably well everywhere except the belly. Next time I'm thinking about it in an unloving way I will remember your pearls of wisdom x

  • When I gave birth to my last child I was wheeled around Greenwich hospital to the theatre with my naked backside on display for all to see! ... I have no dignity left

  • Well I'm sure that breaks some rules or other doesn't it Ozzy? If it happened here it would be mortifying because most people we know! But I had a working lunch with one of the senior midwife's today and she said that she has lost all embarrassment now ever since having her colleagues help deliver both her children. Maybe we all overrate dignity a little?!

  • They should put decent colours on them not them faded old things..xxx

  • I got passion in my pants

    and I ain't afraid to show it,

    I'm sexy and I know it

    I'm sexy and I know it..

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah :) :)

  • Thanks for that andy. Strangely, once I'd caught site of myself in the full-length mirror they thoughtfully put in the changing room waiting area, all the passion was knocked out of my pants :)

  • Hospital gowns need a re design I think side ties might be better than bum exposure?

    Scolosis.. for those that dont know is a painful horrid condition.. my best friend has had it since birth and had to live her first years in a plaster cast.. she has v bad pain and now her hips are struggling she is 36.( she is a bare 5 foot.. with her feet size and without curvature I think she would have been about 5 foot four. She is brave warrior non complainer.. went to a good comp school in london area .. got a deg in geography.. works in logisitcs and has always earned £10 - !£18 k more than me it hasnt held her back.. she is one of the msot positive well balanced person I have every met.

  • When I went for a MRI scan, the gown was short and the ties had broken - and they only gave me one - so I went to the cupboard in the changing rooms and pinched two better ones! (Being rather practised at this now!)

  • I took my hospital pants home with me as lovely and comfortable lounging around in and I am a cheap skate :-)

  • I have a fairly severe scoliosis and in recent years I too have lost some inches, shame they weren't lost from my bum! Two years ago I had a bone densitrometry scan which showed, as well as everything else, I have osteoporosis. I started taking the treatment, went for another scan this summer and thankfully the treatment seems to be working and the osteoporosis has now been diagnosed as being the milder form -osteopenia. Having said that I hope that your results are fine. Let us know how you get on.

    Wendy xx

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