new bed - you couldn't make it up!

new bed - you couldn't make it up!

I bought a new mattress. the top part is memory foam. It arrived shrink-wrapped, basically they vaccuum out the air and pack it in plastic in a box - it's about 2-3" thick.

I slept 4 hours last night [wait, it gets better] but had a hospital app't.

I'd gone with patient transport and every bone ached by the time they dropped me home.

While I was at the hospital, my carer called [she'd forgotten I was out] seeing the mattress, she put it on my bed.

I was delighted to read she'd done it and put a fitted sheet on it too.

She'd taken out the thin mattress added the sheet and gone.

imagine my face hen, desperate for sleep, I walked into my bedroom.

the mattress had now expanded to full mattress size - on top of the old one!!!!

[she'd thought it was a 2" topper]

I was crying with laughter at my 12" deep waist high bed!

I couldn't get on it,

luckily she called back and took the old one off. - she didn't find it funny at first, but then started to chuckle. :D


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  • Ha ha.... lovely tale of the bed. You would be living life on a high then Sandra.

    Hope appt went well.


  • good job she called back or I'd still be up now... hang on I am!

    I think it was ok, it was a heart scan.

    [I slept for a couple of hours earlier]


  • Wonderful Sandra! Lol :-) Jxxxx

  • O Sandra thats made me chuckle thank you so much for that . Xx Alison

  • Nice smile :) to start the day x


  • ??Lovely story !!!!! Xx

    Angie x x

  • Thank you for sharing that's a funny tale but I bet you didn't feel like laughing when you saw it at first! Hope it proves to be comfy and gives you a good nights sleep :-)

  • Great story and love the illustration lol

  • Brilliant :o) It's easier to get out of bed into nearly the stand position instead of going from the sitting may be onto something Sandra :o)

  • LOL,!!! This made me laugh,and the picture even more so !!!!! Hope you have a better day today love Michelle xx

  • I love this story & especially the fact that you could laugh about it! You must have had an Eureka moment when you found the perfect pic .....

    Luce xx

  • It is lovely to hear a funny tale it really is. I am glad you got sorted pout in the

  • Wonderful story! ;-)

  • But the question is did you still feel the PEA!!

  • Princess and the pea!!

    Glad you got it sorted or you would have needed a step ladder to get into it lol x

  • Great story !! Thanks !!

  • I slept WONDERFULLY!

    I don't think I moved all night, I was so comfy.

    glad you all liked it, :D



  • the title has turned into it's own humour too -

    a] I couldn't invent a story like that

    b] as it was too high, and I couldn't climb on, I couldn't make it up [onto it!]

    c] once expanded it was too high for reaching over to put sheets on so I couldn't make it up!

    [well it makes sense to me]


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