New mattress- any suggestions?!

Hi desperately need a new mattress as last one has springs poking through!!! I need something super soft yet supportive so was looking for memory foam. Is this the best for tender joints?

Also partner gets super hot so wanted to get a memory foam mattress topper that I can replace every 6 months or so. He always ruins our mattresses by sweating profusely!!!

Thank peeps!

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  • Hi I bought a dunlipillow mattress few years ago pricey but so worth it you can buy two separate and have them zipped together can't feel zip as I like firm and hubby likes soft. Really comfortable.

  • I have the silent night mattress topper. Was expensive but worth every penny, definitely makes a difference.☺

  • Just bought a Dormeo deluxe memory mattress, best nights sleep in eons!!!!! xx

  • I swear by memory foam. Just one night in another bed and I'll feel the

    difference (and that was before all these pesky health issues even

    started). I had a part memory foam mattress in my old house with a cooling cover. Love it to bits (in store atm). Bf also gets hot easily, but the cover seemed to help and is also washable so could be taken off and cleaned if it did get messed up.

    My current one is less memory foam, but still rocks. Got it cheap from some little mattress store near me. Like £60 or something ridiculously cheap for an extra length double mattress!

    I would go for a part memory foam and get some sort of cover for it. Either a fancy cooling one or just one you can wash so you're not buying new stuff all the time.

    I would also hunt down a memory foam pillow if you don't already have one. I take mine everywhere (even holidays). I refuse to be separated from it. It's a big flat one so I even use it on long car journeys (between me and the door) to give myself something comfy to rest on.

    Hope that helps and that your new mattress brings you much comfort.

  • Oh and IKEA certainly used to do memory foam in different firmnesses which you could try out. Could be worth a trip to there or another place with different options just to try them out even if you buy one online later.

    I personally tend to link the medium firm area (most places have 3 levels). The softer feels to enveloping, but I find I'm too light to really benefit from the firmest. Mid is just enough for me to sink in to a comfy position, but still be supported.

  • Personally I'd go for something firm'ish to support your spine, and with a soft topper to give you the soft feeling. Too soft may feel good initially, but may then cause problems later.

  • That's exactly what I did. I bought the firmest mattress I could find and then added toppers for softness. Best decision I ever made. When the toppers wear out, I just replace them and the mattress is still firm like new. No holes to roll into like my old pillow top had after just one year of use.

  • Hi, I just got myself and my husband a new one about 6 weeks ago and I am very happy with this one:

    Sorry the website is in german, but they only do one mattress anyway, it has two sides, one firm, one soft and we got two next to eachother as I prefer softer and my husband firmer. It is fantastic and was very cheap (199€).

  • Sleep. Number

  • It has to be a good memory foam, they are the best

  • I just got a Stearns & Foster mattress. I think the name is "Claire" and it's luxury firm. Firm enough to give back support, soft enough to not feel like your on the hard ground! Try it out, it's a little pricey... But a good night's sleep is so essential and worth it.

    Good luck!

  • Go to mattress shops and try them all out. Personally, I prefer firm support, it helps with getting in/out bed.

  • Hi, Try here I have had nothing but good service from them. Don't forget to ask for your VAT to be taken off. Disability.

  • Sorry the company is Back in action

  • We find our Dunlopillow mattresses very comfortable. Some people find their memory foam mattress very hot which may not suit your husband. Check out reviews on Tempur mattresses, they are the best known brand so easy find reviews.

  • Hi

    I found memory foam mattresses very hot. I recommend John Lewis and M&S natural fibre mattresses (cotton, wool or silk) with a cotton topper. It easy to wash or change the topper. Also cotton, not polycotton, sheets and duvet covers help too.

  • Can't recommend a brand, but I have always gone for the individual pocket sprung mattresses. I got a leaflet from a research sleep group many moons ago and that was their main advice.

  • Mine is not all memory foam but it has about an inch on top incorporated into the mattress and its wonderful. Hope this helps.

  • Tempurpedic is the best. Pricey but so worth every penny.

  • We love our memory foam! I’ll never go back to a regular coiled mattress. You may want to buy in store so you can try them all.

  • We have used Sleep Numbers for the last ten years. I cannot imagine life without my sleep number. Bad beds are why we bought the RV. I could no longer travel because every bed was hard and uncomfortable at the hotels. So we bought the RV and changed the mattress to a sleep number. I sleep on a very soft mattress now.

  • Hi! If you live UK you can try the tv auction "Ideal World " it's on channel 22. They sell brilliant memory foam mattresses & you get them delivered. Try there online Or try Argos.

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