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Does anyone out there still play the guitar?

My grandson is learning the guitar - I still have mine and daughter has fond memories of my pathetic efforts. So I'd like to be able to tune it up and at least try to keep up with grandson. My first attempt this afternoon was hard, my left hand isn't that used to exercise and I found it hard to press the frets in the right way. Any experiences out there?

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Hi Cathie,

Yes I used to play guitar, but its painful for my fingers now. Sorry not to be more positive, maybe if you just do a little each day.



Yes I thought I'd stretch gradually. I can type fast and long, so feel I have a chance! I'll report progress if any... Thanks


It's a bit different typing to playing the guitar I feel Cathie. The keys on the keypad of a computer are relatively gentle on the fingers compared to holding strings down on the flet which I used to find quite sore even when my fingers were working well. Worth a try though if you feel inspired! You may be able to have a little refresher lesson this time next week courtesy of a son if he's not working? Good luck!



That's kind. So far we are learning smoke on the water together. I'm intrigued to know of I can strengthen my left hand enough.


I gave up the guitar a long time ago (not that I was ever any good) because of my left elbow - not my fingers. Even though I've had a joint replacement, it still won't let my hand bend round far enough. I play the piano without too much problem though. I think you should persevere and I'm sure you will build up strength in your fingers. Good luck x


Yes its bending it round to work on the fretboard which is a stretch. Persevering!


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