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Silly Billy

Silly Billy

Yup, that's me. Old clever clogs (my mum used to call me that - don;t know why??).

I was fine this morning, woke quite early after a relatively good night's sleep (this is becoming a good habit lately - well two nights on the trot - not too bad). Mouth felt the inside of a wrestlers jockstrap! (don't ask)

So I have to get up and get a drink. So it was an early start, everyone else was up the vet was coming this morning, to value one of our lovely lady cows. Unfortunately last week we went down with TB (Just to add to all my other woes) and we had one reactor. This means she will go for slaughter (and she has a little calfy too!) to find out whether she has actually got TB or just been in contact with it. This always strikes me as nonsense, because if she hasnt got TB and all the rest of the herd is OK I think she has been slaughtered for nothing. So that's where some taxpayers money is going - sorry!

Any way, I digress - yet again! I had my hydrotherapy appointment today at 1 p.m which I was really looking forward to. I also wanted to go to the local coffee morning in the village, as I am trying to get to talk to locals about our farm. The original farmhouse was built sometime between 1758 and 1841 and I am trying to pinpoint when it was. I already have a full list of everyone who has lived here since 1841. Mr Silageman's family have been here since 1917.

Anyway I digress again!!! So firstly I get commandeered into waiting for the State Vet to come so I can send her down the cow shed. She was late which made me late, Never mind I got showered and went off to the coffee morning. I wanted to go to the bank on the way to the hospital, but spent too long at the coffee morning. Got myself in a bit of a pickle because I was running late for the hydro - I can only have 20 minutes. Any road up, I got there about 2 minutes to 1 and waited for the physio. Then I got in a bit of a tizzy because people were obviously coming in and out and I was left sitting there with another lady. It transpires we were forgotten about and the senior Physio told us we should have gone straight in - Never mind. By this time my session was going to be for 10 minutes. But with a lot of deep breathing and ooohhhing and ahhhing and chanting and humming to myself, I calmed myself down. (I do find it so easy to get in a bit of a stressy - as my daughter calls it - not like me at all really!)

It was so lovely and warm in the water and it was great to be exercising under close supervision as it is so easy to overdo it. The other lady who got forgotten about did the exercises with me and the physio, but she was as high as a kite on steroids! Bless her :-)

Then the session was over before I hardly got going. So off I go into the changing room and had a peculiar turn! I felt dizzy and hot. My hands were shaking. I think I was hungry and couldn't wait to get out into the fresh air. So one club sandwich, custard danish, and a banana later, swilled down with a cup of redbush tea, I felt a lot better. So much for the healthy lifestyle diet!!!

But I am quite tired now. I really feel like I want to do something useful, outside of sorting out the mess of the farm office, if only I can get myself a bit fitter. I don't feel like I have any muscle tone left at all. I think it is going to be a long old haul.

Right I am off to burn some tea for Mr Silageman and son and heir. My daughter and rastus are treating themselves to a Thai takeaway - despite being too broke to pay any rent - apparently! It's ok folks I'll get myself something - don't worry!! Mind you after that custard danish I ought to flog mesself with the birch and put on a hair shirt! Off to bed with a cold water sandwich!

So tatty bye speak soon

Julie xx

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Hydro is v tiring.. am instructed to eat something small before.. not to get in with an empty stomach and drink plenty of water before and after the session!

sorry about TB it is all you need.. it didnt come in to your farm via those newly purchased calves ?.. badgers??.. I assume her calf will have to be slaughtered too?


Hi Ali, yes I was (pleasantly) tired though which was good because I felt I really got something out of it. No the new calves had to be clear of TB to be sold to us you can only move (i.e. sell) cattle if you they have had a clear TB test within the 60 days prior to the sale.

It is more likely to badgers, since they became a protecte species we are absolutely inundated with them. But they do spread disease unfortunately, along with deer (which are also frequent visitors across the farm). The worst ones apparently are Alpacas, which we have in abundane down here in Devon. There are loads of Alpaca farms around us, but no-one seems to have made the link between the increase in Alpacas in this country and the increase in TB?? The thing is (oh my god here I go, moaning on),... the thing is it is a "contact" disease, not air borne like some (i.e infectious bronchistis which my poor old chickens get if you don't look after them properly). I'll shut up now...

No the calf escapes, she is clear!!! (it is so weired). But she does rely on mummy still for milk and there is no way we shall be able to start giving her milk because she is used to Mum. So she will suffer, because no matter how hard we try, she will suffer because she will have a drastic chance in diet. She must be eating grass by now, but still relies on a bit of milk. The change in diet will knock her back and she will fret for a few days. If we keep her with her "herd" she might be able to "pinch" from another mum, depends on how graicious the mummies in the herd are.

I do waffle on..... :-)

take care Julie xxx


i really enjoy the farm stories Julie, you have a great turn of phrase - its all so different but then i do love the archers as well. that is awful about the tb - poor ole cow. did you get any info on the year of the house. i have never been to a hydrotherapy session, sounds good.


Thank you Mads. I have only been at it since I met my other half (MrSilageman) - about 10 years - 8 years full time. I used to be a PA to a Partner in a firm of Solicitors in Worcester, then a did a bit of jobbing around when I did my degree, then I worked in care, and finished up home caring for Alzheimers and people with learning disabilities in supported housing.

The hydro was indeed good, I have lost so much condition in my muscles, I am all floppy!!!! :-) So it is going to be good to get fit again (hopefully). It is just so difficult to know how far to go.. so this is a good start.

Julie xxx


Hi Julie, Hydrotherapy sounds great, I#d love some of that! You are a very busy lady, glad you seem to be improving. I guess there was a bog a hundred years ago wher my house is or a famine hehe!


Hi Gina - yes it was great (see above!). Ask for it? Or would you have to pay? I know you can use the hospital one, by appointment, for £25 per session, bit expensive when you can only go in it for 20 minutes. But it is brilliant.

i didn't learn much about the house at all, although one chappie directed me to the Whites (?) or Kelly directories that can be found in the local Library, like a list of who was living where and when - so will give that a go.

I love the fact you might be on top of a bog!! or a famine?l :-) made me laugh.

Julie xx


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