Who ia a silly billy!!

Who ia a silly billy!!

Morning all, well as you can see its silly o'clock, i made a mess of things yesterday. First off i banged my head on my recliner and i have a lovely bump on my forehead and a nice headache to go with it. Then later in the day i got my herb garden and brought it indoors as it was sodden wet due to the rain. So far so good,but and it is a big but, i caught my left arm in the door bringing it in. My left knuckle is hurting and my arm looks like i've been in a punch up. Itlooks like a massive bruise, bit it is caused by my fragile skin.

So here i am on the 1st of may looking like a mess and this morning i'm going to the nec to attend the Naidex show,its all about disability. Simon Weston is opening it and i would like to meet him as i saw him when i was pregnant with my dayghter in 1984 when he was under going his treatment from the falklands war. I liked the way he handled himself his disposition is something i never could be. Now there is a brave man if i ever saw one. He is a real inspiration if i ever saw one.

So all my friends i hope you have a pain free day.


( from the silly billy)

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  • Enjoy your day, sounds like you will meet some inspirational people. Take care not to have any more mishaps on the way. X

  • Have a great day!

  • Thanks, i will report back to you all either tomight or tomorrow depending on how i feel tonoght when we get back.xx

  • It will be interesting to learn more Sylvi - enjoy your day. TTx

  • And if you find the stall that sells the device that does the cooking, cleaning, washing up and house tidying while i stay in bed then do get me one (and if it pays the bills too then even better!) Px

  • If there had been i would have been at the front of the queue!!!!!!

  • Afternoon all,i did meet simon weston and he is still as nice as when i saw him in hospital in 1984. I did shake his hand and had a chat with him.

    There was a lot of good ideas there, as always with the disabled it comes at a price.

    I will blog later when i have gone through all that i came home with.


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