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Met a lovely lady in Blackpool.

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I met a lovely lady last night while going to see the illuminations, there I was feeling sorry for myself waiting for a tram and we got chatting as you do lol and she said we (as her hubby and her) normally get the tram one way and walk back, oh that sounds scary lol and she said "why" I said I have RA and I'm feeling rotten at the moment "oh" she said "so have I " well you could have knocked me down with a feather, she told me she had, had a toe off on each foot and told me about her shoes and in souls, that she said was absolutely brilliant and then showed me her twisted fingers on both hands and she had RA for nearly 30 years.

There's me feeling like I did and this lady full of life, absolutely gob smacked I was lol, she on the methatroxate ( please forgive my ignorance I can spell it) and really recommended it so I'm off to the GP to ask about some, is it recommended? Plus on Monday I have to go to Liverpool for my incapacity benefit for my appeal, absolutely terrified even though I have been before and feel really feel down about it all.

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Oh Phillip,

What an up and down experience that seems and what a lovely lady to come across when you were feeling so down.

Many of us on this site are on methotrexate (mtx) with mixed results.

Personally speaking I have found it to be very good. There were a couple of hurdles to get over first - the tablets didn't agree with me but when I switched to injection form it got rid of the worst of the side effects.

The list of possible side effects can be a bit frightening but again, from my own experience, I'd rather have those than a 'flare-up'. Others may not feel the same but you don't know til you try.

I'm pretty sure that your GP would not be the person to prescribe mtx but you can ask her/him to refer you back to you rheumatologist team or contact them direct. The wonderful thing about this site is that it keeps us informed about what is available so that we can ask and I think it is important to do what you are doing and move it forward ourselves if we feel we are getting stuck in the system.

Good luck with it and the appeal - (remember your worst day is what counts and if you can't repeat it you can't do it!) By the way, how were the lights?


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Hiya creaky, she was an inspiration to all, I'll chat to the GP and see what they can do.

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Hi Phillip were those illumination as good as ever? Only ever been once thought them quite brill. Sending you good vibes for for your appeal. Here hoping MTX will be good for you. Best wishes xxx

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Ya know what miss, they are past their sell by, I wasn't impressed really and I'll leave it a while till I go again and hopefully they might buy something new lol BUT the tower really did look great from top to bottom, that was impressive.

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Hi Philip,

How incredible that you should meet such a courageous and upbeat lady just when you needed a bit of an uplift. Life is always full of surprises :-)

I've been on Methotrexate for two and a half years, the first year I did have a bit of a reaction to them in that I always had an upset tummy 24 hrs after my weekly dose. But it all settled down eventually and now I have no problems at all.

Methotrexate is the most widely used drug to control the affects of RA, so I agree with Creaky that your GP would most likely not be able to prescribe them for you, the best thing to do is to get an appointment at your Rheumatology clinic. I am wondering what medication you are on at the moment, because it does sound as though you are suffering. I hope all goes well for you at your benefit appeal. Do let us know how you get on with both. June xx

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Philip in reply to petalnumber2

Why I petal, it was really nice to meet her and an inspiration, I'm only on sulfasalazine which is what I started on and now it's 6 pills a day max for them, with my other ills it all adds up to about 28 pills and 7 injections daily lol for my diabetes so I'm. Ok with needles lol, I'll let you know what goes on.

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Best of luck with your Appeal Phillip. It just goes to show that an angel appeared just when you needed

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Philip in reply to sylvi

Thank you Sylvia , I shall let you know what they do to me lol.

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GPs tend not to be allowed to prescribe Methotrexate, so try to get an appointment with your rheumy team. If you haven't been offered MTX, what drugs have they given you? As Leflunomide is equally effective for many people. Polly

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Philip in reply to helixhelix

Hi helix I'll chat to the GP and see what he suggests and I'm sure he will try and get me into the Rhumy quicker.

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good luck with the appeal! X

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Philip in reply to Kittykatxxxxx

Thank you kittycat

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We have relatives in Thornton so we went to the zoo then to the in laws and then we had tea at the tramlines pub until lit went dark and then got the ram lol and that's where I met the lovely lady.

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Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and advice, I shall keep you all informed.


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