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Back again from the land of the blind:-)

Hi Guys,

Had my cataract surgery a week ago and the double vision post-op has finally settled so that I can use a keyboard again - yay!

Had some complications during surgery - 'normal' for me I'm afraid - excessive bleeding that they had difficulty stopping so I ended up being kept in overnight:-(

Pleased to report that I now have perfect sight in my right eye - just in time cos the vision in the left eye is now virtually non-existant, just shapes and light and dark. Also colours are now really vibrant and everything much brighter - yippee! - hadn't realised just how much colours had faded.

The stitches will have dissolved in another week and I will be able to take the dressing off during the day and just use the shield at night - I'm sneakily without dressing in order to type this (allowing the eye drops to soak in!). No pain, just a slightly scratchy feeling that goes once the drops are put in.

Have felt really bored and frustrated at times as unable to read or watch a film so I want the next week to speed by. My daughter downloaded a couple of books for me from iTunes onto my iPod so not completely without books:-)

Well, back to the shadowlands - putting the dressing back on:-( Have missed being able to read and comment on the blogs so will catch up as soon as I have the chance.

Go well,

Cece x

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Hi Cece,

Glad your cataract surgery has gone well - long may it continue.

Have been told I have the starting of a cataract in my left eye so glad to hear your surgery has been so positive. That being said, my husband's late aunt had cataract surgery done on both eyes many years ago and she also had also positive results.


Hi Judi

It took a long time (6years) for my cataracts to develop to the point where it affected day-to-day living - the criteria for surgery on the nhs - I believe that being on high dose steroids (60mg then 40mg) for half of last year rapidly accelerated the decline. They were caused by steroids and started in my early 40's. Was told that will have perfect distance vision when both eyes have been done and need glasses for close work - result!

Cece x


Hi Cece, was just thinking of you yesterday that not heard from you for a while, then I remembered!

Glad your doing well and the op appears to be successful, hope the next week goes by quickly without any problems for you, take care of yourself.

mand xx


Hi Cece

Glad to hear everything went ok... eventually! You are always awkward? Well why not, gives the hospital something to do. Glad it has gone well, and I can understand your frustration, but the outcome must be worth it by the sounds of it. Be nice to see you blogging again, you have been missed.

Eye eye capt'n... sorry couldn't resists!

All the best

Julie xx


pleased you are back.. glad sight is better x


Glad to hear your op went well, the waiting will all be worth it xx


Thanks guys (briefing pealing off of dressing whilst daughter is cooking us some dinner!)

Cece x


HI cece

Wishing you lots of success with your op- another hurdle overcome !!!

bestest wishes

Fiona xxx


Hi Cece

Excellent news! I was very impressed with the outcome when I had mine done and that slight scratchy feeling (remember it well!) I could have lived with for the improved vision I had acquired. Shame about the overnight stay but am sure it will all be worth it in the long run. Colours are so fantastic, it is quite amazing but difficult perhaps for others who haven't been there to appreciate fully.

When's the other eye scheduled for? Think I had mine done about 6 weeks apart. Now that is something else ....

Take care Cece

Lyn x


Thanks Lyn,

6 - 8 weeks I believe, depends on the consultants list - I'm hoping he's not planning a holiday in late June / early July !!!

Cece x


hi Cece

Take it easy one day at a time sorry to hear you blead but at least it's looking good, look forward to hearing ??? your next blog, meant reading

best wishes

Tricia xx


Glad surgery went well - looking forward to you blogs in time!


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