Dry eyes - not what I was thinking!

I have just been to the opticians as after a rheumy appt last week. I had explained to the nurse my vision was blurry and I was having to really focus on things in the distance, she advised I booked an appt. after numerous tests today the optician explained I had 'Dry Eyes'. Not what I was expecting as all what I have read describes sory itchy red eyes. Apparently my tears break apart and evaporate too quickly so if a blink a few times, writing and objects look clearer. I now have drops, which he feels should help me. On the downside, my vision has deteriorated and I now need to wear glasses for more daily activities! Does anyone else suffer with this type of dry eye?


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  • Sadly i do. I have had them cauterised and plugged as well. I too have Hylo tears to keep them lubricated. Get referred to the hospital for them and they will be able to delve deeper into your eyes and see what they can do to help. xxxxx

  • my eyes are getting worse I put I down to getting older but my eyes are starting to focus like a camera lens trying to zoom in till its clear I have had tinnitus and earing loss for 4yers and have just read that is a symptom of rd its all great news and don't forget the brain fog

  • Hi

    yea this all started with me about 4 weeks ago! had to pick my glasses up as i could not focus on anything i looked at, and where as before i only had them for reading i now where them most of the time, as i was getting bad head aches as well. also just over 2 weeks ago i have started to wake up with puffy eyes, think i will have to see me GP about that.

  • Yes I have this too. I don't get very itchy eyes or flaky skin around the lids (blepharitis) as I used to when I was younger. I just don't have any tears now so have to keep putting in Hylo Forte drops and Lacri-lube at night.

    It's a real nuisance but it has it's uses. I find make up stays on for ages and I don't shed tears on soppy movies anymore! I find it does alter my vision a lot but my optician says this isn't affecting the lenses or causing ulcers yet and won't hopefully as long as I use the drops regularly. Sometimes it's hourly with me. Twitchy

  • Me too. It was picked up at my last eye exam. I'm a contact lens wearer but strangely I don't have any problems when i am wearing them its just when I wake it in the morning my eyes are so dry I find them difficult to open

  • Me too! Have you got drops or gel baby luck?

  • I have this form of dry eye as well. Also have Hylo Tear and Hylo Forte on prescription and they (plus punctal plugs) have given me back at least some semblance of moisture in my eyes! No running make up for me either, though after I was first diagnosed with my dry eyes they were so bad that I was unable to wear any make up for about 2 years apart from extremely special days. Very disheartening. Can just tolerate a bit now but if my eyes are too titled I have to get the make up off ASAP.

  • Titled?? I mean tired!

  • Thanks folks.... Good to know it wasn't just me. Have to say I can pinpoint it to the start of taking my meds 5 weeks ago! I really am looking forward to getting my glasses. Watching TV and the definition is just not there! Do you feel the issues with your eyes started with onset of RD or the start of meds??? My eyes have certainly gone down hill in the past 4 weeks!

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