Back in the land of the living!

Ok so on 21 December, 2 days before my daughters 17th birthday I go down with rota virus and it stayed with me until Friday. So missed birthday, Christmas etched etc. so now just seen my pressies , which apparently I had been given! Also got mum to have her cataract operation which has been a success. So roll on Hogmanay and I hope I can have that glass of wine I have been waiting on ..... Bah humbug !

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  • Hi Allanah, good to hear your back with us...that's really nasty that rotavirus, hope you're feeling much better now. Enjoy your belated pressie opening & happy Hogmanay to you! Xxx

  • Glad your back in the land of the living and glad your

  • Hi A. Like yourself missed it all through my trapped nerve still struggling with it but i am up and running slowly may I add, No help from anyone or advice from my GP or A&E just up your painkillers that should do it, My A**e Bring on Hogmany, Matt

  • So sorry to hear you've been suffering too Matt....bloomin healthcare professionals....they could have at least offered some Physio to help....hope you are feeling a little better now. xx

  • Oh how horrid Allanah! I've had that virus previously, it leaves you feeling really washed out:-(

    Good news about your Mum's cataract op though - I was amazed when I had mine done, I hadn't realised how sepia-toned everything had been looking. I do hope that she has a straight-forward recovery:-}

    Hope that you're feeling much better by Hogmanay, you'll have to party extra hard to make up for the lost time!

    Cece x

  • Thanks all, just sad I missed talking especially to the boys, they were all here and I kept up in my room isolated as I didn't want anyone to get it and felt I needed to be beside the em suite anyway ! I think I might cook Xmas dinner this week so I feel like I hAve had one. Sorry Matt, nerve pain is horrid and I just hope they can help you for your New Years gift.

  • Hello allanah

    Sorry were ill over Christmas,if you have now opened pressies, have that drink that you missed now. No one should complain

    All thee very best


  • Cheers!

  • Glad to see you back. I always said you were the queen of hearts and deserved to be sitting on the throne because of all the help and advice you give everyone here. But I didn't mean THAT sort of throne! Hope you will be recovered enough to enjoy Hogmanay! You could give the toast of 'Here's to us, there's none like us!' Stuart. Xxx

  • Right on, Stuart!!

  • Bless You Hun, glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your Hogmanay & your glass of wine! I shall raise a glass with you & for all our lovely friends on here for a better 2014, take care, Rie xx

  • Greetings kids!! I must immediately ask, What is Hogmanay? I am suspecting it may be New Year's Eve, since you are toasting..? I raise my glass( my mini-brandy sniffter) to all of you here, may the New Year bring you more comfort along with all the Joy and Wealth and Peace and Love you can handle :) Cheers!!!

    Sure and let us dub Allanah as Queen of HU, she is always here for all of us, no matter how she is struggling herself.

    Sure and let us toast Fiona and Cece for the successful outcomes of their recent surgeries, and pray them the best in the New Year.

    Cheers to all here, keep hanging on, HOPE is always there!

    We shall survive!! (some famous guy supposedly said that!)

    Love to all!

    Loret/Lorann xxx

  • Hee Lloret, blushing now , ye Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year's Eve. !

  • Aw well then, another "Cheers" to all, especially the Scots :)

    (I put a bit of Bailey's..well maybe more than a bit) in my coffee every morning this week. the second and third cups are just Grande!!!

  • Lovely to see you back!!Happy Hogmanay xx

  • Allanah,

    It really is time that this streak of bad luck ends now and gives you a run of good luck times for the New Year.

    My daughter's boyfriend contracted food poisoning a couple of days before Christmas so he too spent the day very close to the bathroom.

    The only good thing I can think of to ease your Bah humbug mood would be to encourage you to feel smug about the fact that you are probably one of a rare group who actually managed to lose weight over Christmas. - I have put on a magnificent 7lbs so have a lot of hard work ahead of me now.

    Take care


  • Happy Hogmanay Allanah and hope you enjoy your belated Christmas dinner too! Let's hope 2014 is a happy and healthier year for us all! :-)

    JoJo xx

  • Thanks everyone! Xx

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