Cataract Surgery All Done

Just a little update on my post about having a cataract operation.

Had it done yesterday and everything is fine. I was so, so calm yesterday, really couldn't believe just how calm I was. A few days before the op the thought of having it done got me so nervous but on the morning I woke up I just thought its got to be done so lets get it over with.

Apart from a little injection under my eye (not as bad as having an injection at the dentist) I didn't feel a thing. Had some sort of white light show while it was being done. I think the actual op took about 10 - 15 minutes, I just laid there quite relaxed really, total faith in the surgeon.

Had a transparent eye shield on when I left hospital. Last night around 8pm was amazed that I could read the TV guide on the TV. The night before I couldn't read it with my glasses on.

A bit disappointed this morning because I expected to have a good distance vision but things down the garden are a little blurred, think I am wanting to run before I can walk. The information I have been given did say that my vision will be blurred at first. Having to have sunglasses on at the moment because everything is very bright. The most amazing thing is that I can also see better to read. Typing this without my glasses on. I did check that he was putting a distance one in before he did the op because I had changed my mind, so hopefully this might be an added bonus, only time will tell.

Having a follow up appointment this Wednesday, fingers crossed that by then he can tell me that I am OK to drive.

Paula x

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  • Hi Paula, glad to hear all went well for you, take it easy and keep putting in the drops, hopefully by Wednesday your eye sight will be much clearer, although it sounds better now. Thanks so much for the update. I see my GP tomorrow, and hopefully he will ok my BP and write a letter for me to proceed. I can't wait. Last week we went up to Northumberland and North Yorshire and I found it so hard to read the signs on the roads, was a real pain. All the very best. G xx

  • Oops, I should add I wasn't driving. !!!!!

  • That is very reassuring Paula. I saw my Opthalmologist last week & as my sight is still legal to drive he said I could wait until I felt I needed the procedure. Must admit though I was glad to be able postpone it.

    He said he would put compensating lenses long distance one up close for reading.

    I used to use contact lenses like that, until my Rheumy hands got so unreliable I dropped more lenses than I got in my eyes.

    Glad your procedure went so well


  • How many fingers, Paula-C?

    ☝️ ✌️ 🖐


  • Three x

  • 😂 😂 😂

    You'll be re-tested in a few more days. 😆 🙃 😁

  • Happy to hear this

  • Brilliant news Paula-c. I'm thrilled to hear you are doing ok. Many thanks for the update. Hugs


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