Let loose at last :)

Well after a 3 week gap because of cold/virus and then my bad weekend with rash etc I was able to do my mtx injection today under the watchful eye of the nurse, I now have 4 weeks supply sitting here all ready to go.

The cream for the rash is working so that's calmed down a lot, just need the pain in my feet and joints to get sorted now I have had my dosage of tramadol and gabapentin increased so fingers crossed that will help - oops wait nope I can't cross them stupid fingers - touching wood instead :)

Thanks for being there for me last weekend it really helps so much just knowing you are there xxx

Now I just have to get through my first aid training day tomorrow - me thinks a disaster looms .......

Jen x

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  • Glad you are getting over your virus Jen. The injections get easier each time although I still get a sinking feeling each time I remember its injection night and Ive been having them for about 9 months and find them really easy. Think its more to do with the emotions of having to inject yourself because of this stupid disease more than the physical side. How do you find the gabapentin? Ive just started it ,just less than a week ago and it seems to be doing something. Tracyx

    Ps go easy on the first aid course ,they can be quite physical

  • Hi Tracy I find the combination of gabapentin and tramadol although not perfect gives me better pain relief than anything else I have been offered especially in the last 2 days since the dosage increased, but best of all the gabapentin really helps the nerve pain that I get in my arms

    Hope it works for you :)

    Jen x

  • If u keel over on first aid course at least you will be useful guinea pig for your colleagues xxx only joking glad u feeling better xx

  • Haha thanks I very nearly did lol you should have seen me on the floor trying to get down far enough to do the mouth to mouth gees I nearly ended up flat on my nose and as for 30 compressions my poor hands and wrists were screaming by the time the instructor said stop .....lol and then afterwards 2 people and a chair were needed to get me back up off the floor mind you it didn't help that by this time we were all hysterical with laughter ah well I gave them all a good laugh and yes I did pass :)

    Jen x

  • Funny first aider needs first aid in order to do first aid xx

  • Oh my put like that !!!!! Lol

    It really is a ridiculous situation but they insist we all have to do the course and the trainer was taking no prisinors she insisted every one had to do everything at least twice still that's it for 3 years :)

    Jen x

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