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Off topic diary of my RA and benepali


I keep a day to day diary now when on a new drug to keep track of what is going on.

Sat 9/1/21

Slept through almost but no cocodomol for headache at 3am. Woke 7am very dry sicca eyes and mouth eye drops in. Joints not too bad for me today so able to do stairs quite well.

Low fatigue today managed to get thro without crashing so managed to get speed cleaning done for kitchen and bathroom in 30min cycles so 2hrs total.

Knees a tad pingy today but not too bad but hands starting to swell up again after 3 days low.

Appetite low but hey need to lose weight so not worried

Scalp tad tender today

End of dAy eyes burning again so more eye drops

Shoulders have just decided to join the party again but probably after clean session

End of day - not a bad Sat really for an RA Beginner

When I read it I then laughed as I thought this was a good day and someone who does not understand RA might think that seems crap!

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Well done you !!!

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It just made me laugh that I felt it was a good day and to me it was I almost felt I could forget RA at some points!

Yes we’ve all had to adjust to new “good” days like that. Well done and I hope it will be an even better day tomorrow. X

It’s amazing how well we manage with what’s going on. You’re doing really well with a great deal of things being thrown at you. 🥰 I certainly look at many things now with very different eyes since this all started. I have knee envy all the time... anyone who can stand ... walk... basically anything 🤣

Keeping a diary is such a good thing to do on many levels. Keep it up. You might even write a book one day! Have another good day. That's how I look at life. One day at the time.

Hi glad you managed to get through the day. That in itself is a achievement for someone with RA. How long have you had RA for?

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Diagnosed 18months but felt 2years earlier it truly started but menopause and OA blamed

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I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the Meds your taking do work. Wishing you all the best 🤞

I hear you . A good day would have just been 5 mins pre RA. Cleaning a shower is a major achievement for me.

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I do the shower then have to have a shower to cool off!

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Ha I’m the same if I ever manage to summon the energy up to clean the shower I always need to use it afterwards lol. I generally clean it without clothes on anyway so whilst I’m swilling it I clean myself off too. Always think it was a bad idea afterwards as that’s usually all the energy I can muster for the day. The best thing is though I usually make a better job of it than my hubby and still get a sense of achievement which is a bit sad really 😬.

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I am like that I do the shower better than hubby and it feels like a mammoth achievement at the end. 😂

I put on my computer diary as my memory is shocking and so I can see fits a pattern with dosage of meds.

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Yes mine is in excel had a paper diary when at work

I think I use a keyboard so much I might forget how to write. lol But I still hate electronic books and I need a page to turn over. x

I keep a diary of symptoms too Dee, find it really useful to look back through before a Rheumy appointment (when I used to have those!).Just one thing though - please can you not show your diary to my hubby? 2 hours of cleaning is far more than I’m currently doing! 😉😂

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Hahaha first bit of real cleaning in a few weeks so its still few and far between moments¬

Keeping a diary is such a good idea Dee. I keep a diary at the moment too thanks to the advice to do this when joining this lovely forum. Thinking of you x

I have been taking Benepali for nearly three years now. It is excellent! But it took two years to work. I stuck at it because I had no real side-effects apart from slight itching in the site. Good luck with it!

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