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Husbands turn ?

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So after a routine blood test my husband has got a diagnosis of Gleeson 2 and prostate cancer. But it's far from hopeless and he's got hormone pills and radiotherapy will begin in Late July. Nowadays they rarely operate and he's been told he'll die with it but not of it and not yet. The local hospital will now refer him to the county cancer unit centre of excellence and it all seems very optimistic. He's getting a bone scan next week and a CT of the whole body but they said it is almost definitely localised so a 'belt and braces approach".

So my message is make sure that your partner, husband or male friend gets this checked with a PSA test as my husband has no symptoms at all, so although a shock its very treatable condition if caught early.

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Rotten news but a wonderfully positive attitude 💪💪..sending you both hugs and wishing you lots of luck on this journey 🤗😘xx

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As he said " can't change it " he's so healthy and so a shock but it was only because his golfing chum has it that he requested the GP do the PSA test with his annual blood test. Otherwise it might be very different. And his assigned nurse is Jackie and blonde so I don't think he's too bothered. 1 in 8 men get it and as they said its only just out of normal and looks contained so he has a very, very good prognosis. x

Of course it’s a shock…but I know many men who have had it for many years…& all say they are still enjoying life to the full… as you say…,just take the treatment & get on with the life he enjoys. . Take care of you as well !

Good advice there, thanks for raising this. Sending some warm wishes to you both xx

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Thank you xx

Sorry to hear this rotten news but so glad it’s been picked up and treatment begins very soon. Thinking of you both. 🙏

Thank you xx

Just had to Google the Gleason 2 bit but sounds like it's been caught early as you say which can only be good. Our elderly neighbour (late 80s) had the same diagnosis many years ago and with treatment (hormones etc) is still well. He did complain that the hormones gave him hot flushes so a "cool scarf" might be a good present. I haven't tried them but a friend said hers was brilliant when she was getting menopausal hot flushes 😉

Yes the nurse said "your going to find out about mood swings " The cool scarf sounds a good idea too and I'll look it up. Thank you. xx

Glad there is a positive way forward and hope all goes well x

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I'm sure it will as the consultant was very sure its been caught very early and that makes the difference. xx Thank you xx

Sorry to hear this m-l but glad it's been discovered and that there's a treatment. My hubby has the blood test with his annual test each year too and has done for several years. Hope all goes well. xx

Yes this has happened in the past year so that blood test has found his issue very early.

That's really good - it's a shame not more men know about it.

Sorry to hear this ML, but an early diagnosis and treatment are very encouraging.

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Yes have to be positive and as the Consultant said "going for a cure' xx thank you.

Sorry you and your husband have had this news. I'm just "glad" (not really the right word), that it's been picked up early and can be managed. My parents' neighbour has it too, and he's had to get used to hot flushes! He's doing fine otherwise though.🤞Best wishes xx

Yay for PSA tests, sorry this has happened to your husband. So glad he was proactive and went for the test so things were caught earlier xx

What a shock for you both ML. Sending love and a big hug. Xx

Sending best wishes to your husband x

Best wishes to both of you xxx

Sorry to hear your news, but love both of your attitude to it. It sounds very promising and excellent advice to others. Boxer lady s advice regarding cooling towel is excellent. I have one I use regularly due to getting overheating from heat intolerance as a result of my adrenal insufficiency. You give it a quick flick and it’s cold again. Amazon gave them for around £5 👍

Sorry to hear your news, but as u say looks positive news, thank goodness. I urged My husband to have a PSA few years ago and it was raised so he is being monitored every 6 months. Also he just had the 2 yearly poo test which has kicked in a colonoscopy soon. He is a worrier about his health so now time for me to support him through this. Take care

If I manage to get hubby back from Crete where he is dealing with Covid I'm going to send him for this test which is, as you say a positive step with a positive outcome. Thank goodness your husband asked. You'd think they would do screening as standard now.

Sending you both big hugs, so glad they found it early x

My hubby had his PSA checked after his friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It came back with a very high PSA. He doesn’t have a cancer diagnosis, although he does have a small inflammation. He is monitored regularly so any changes and it will be treated. I hope your hubby gets on ok. My uncle had cancer but lived with it and died from old age!

The more people raise awareness of this the better. If my hubby friend hadn’t discussed his symptoms my hubby would never have got checked!!

Sending my best wishes to you both x

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Just woman talking about breast cancer is common really but male cancers not so much publicity or talk. He is very lucky it's been caught early as no symptoms ate all. Mind you as he said the GP does not do the test here as routine so had he not asked t might have been very different. We have mammograms but the PSA test is not done as a routine one and even young men get it. The hospital Cancer care nurse said it's to do with cost. What is the world coming too? a few pound on a simple test would save so much in terms of treatment and recovery from this type of cancer. So he's been very lucky indeed. xx

Best wishes to you and your husband. ❤️💜🧡

Thank you for your greatly received message, so kind of you to think of others.. so good to hear treatment is all in hand for your hubby & your both so positive about it, the mind is an incredible thing, a big part of us & how we cope. Wishing you both all the best for the on going treatment & future, 🍀

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medway-lady in reply to Durrell

He has an extremely, extremly good chance of a cure. So very lucky and to be honest he's still planning on buying a new car and booking the next golfing holiday as the one in July has been cancelled and he's passed his place on. But only because they said his therapy may start mid end/July so he has to be here. So grateful that the NHS when it works works very well indeed. xx

Absolutely ref NHS they do some incredible work. So good your got on to it so quickly & is now is Keeping his life normal & looking at the future with a strong direction, it is what it is, but your both dealing with it so positively & our bodies benefit from that positivity…

Wishing Your Husband All the Luck in the World. Thanks for highlighting this.

My husband had same diagnosis hormone treatment created man boobs(not terrible)but hot flushes didn't really trouble him, brother in law suffered with the heat,felt sorry for him.Both have had the all clear for just over 5 yrs checked every so often by blood test.

Boobs have reduced as well.

Hope all goes well.x

Thank you xx

Such a positive approach - best wishes and good luck with everything - we were in a similar position 6 months ago and so far so good🙏

My father in law had prostate cancer when he was 80. His oncologist told him something else would take him out, but not cancer. He lived to be 90. We used to visit and he and I would have hot flashes together. The treatment was tough, but he got through it. His presence brought us great joy for another ten years. Your hubby will get through this.

Sorry to hear it. You're spot on about the need for men to get checked! My dad had prostate cancer in 2014. He had radiation and has been cancer free ever since. Very glad your husband was diagnosed and will be treated. ❤️

Did he have a DRE? This was what I had after increasing PSA results. Lumpy prostate got me an MRI within days last Spring following a prostate biopsy.

This revealed prostate cancer with a score of Gleaston 7 (3+4). Contained within the prostate.

Last Autumn I should've had a follow up oncologist appointment bt he'd left!

They had said possibly regularly reviewing with annual MRI and biopsy.

Recently another oncologist rang and introduced herself.

We agreed another MRI following on with a MDT consultation.

They decided last week that as there's sign of lymph nodes possible involved they'll book another scan.

PSA Pet CT scan which is quite new.

Only a few scanners in the UK.

I'm now waiting a call.

I couldn't have prostate removal due to numerous bowel operations with Crohn's.

Having Crohn's also rules out radiotherapy.

Possible option of brachiotherapy once the results come back from scan.

The standard in UK is MRI then biopsy before any treatment is discussed so I'm surprised your husband is not on watchful waiting with regular PSA tests to see how fast it increases especially if the DRE doesn't show anything enlarged etc...

I also have Leukaemia so that's another story for treatment options.


Not sure what a DRE is sorry he had a blood test, then a CT scan then a biopsy and his score is 2 /7 Gleeson a bone scan is happening on Sunday at 9.30 and a full body CT on the 6th June. Its all gone quickly but they did offer 3 course a watching wait , hormone and radiotherapy as surgery is very unlikely because he had bundle branch heart issues. But he is fit and thats our local hospital which get all this stuff together for the Maidstone Oncology Centre. He had a follow up call this morning from the MMH to check if he had any questions and I'd jut say its been excellent so far. They did talk about a new treatment but said that the MOC will explain more but it is going for a cure and every reason to be optimistic. I hope you get on all right as all this seems to be a bit of postcode lottery?

I've just looked up DRE and no it was part of his annual blood test by GP that picked it up as he has no symptoms at all.

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