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My other half has just been diagnosed wth liver cancer and it also in his bones. What else is going to happen, lost my daughter in January and nod this feeling drained. XXX


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Oh my lovely, so sorry to hear your news. We are all here for you, if at anytime you need our support, a hugs, someone to talk with. Xx

Hugs, hugs and more hugs. I know there's probably not a thing in the world that I could say or do for you that could make you feel better but I'm here and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

Sorry to hear this Chris . Thoughts and a prayer coming your way . Take care .



Chris I'm so very sorry for you and your husband. I don't know how life can be so unfair for some people but I just know that it can and it has been terribly hard on you. So I wanted to say that you are in my thoughts. Hugs, Twitchy

I'm so, so sorry Chris. You've had a really bad year all told. Sending positive thoughts to your husband, you take good care of yourself as well. You don't need reminding but we're here if you need to offload. x

I'm so so sorry to hear this chris. Can only echo what the others have said, here for you

Take care. Big hugs xx

I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your husband. Take care xx

Oh no, how sad. Sending you a big hug . My heart is breaking for you...words are hard to find as nothing can take away your pain. Please keep reaching out to us. All my love & best wishes to you & your hubby.

I'm so sorry. No words written or spoken will take away the emotional pain you will be feeling at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you .

So sorry to hear all you are, and have been, going through. Sending lots of positive thoughts, love and hugs your way. xo

Life is not always fair is it can only echo what everyone else is saying and please look after yourself because we can forget about us when you have so many other things on your mind take care

I can't add anything other than to say my thoughts are with you, look after yourself too, and this wonderful place is here to support you xxx

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. Thoughts are with you. Mhairi x

Chris I am so sorry gentle hugs to you

So sorry to hear this. I kind of know how you feel, my husband is quadriplegic and has been for a long while we have an adapted home luckily. My diagnosis was a double whammy !! All l can say to you is grab the happy times and the laughs you manage to have, they can counteract the **** times . Accept help when offered if you need it, grit your teeth if you feel it is offered condescendingly....... it is normally the person offering is genuinely wanting to be kind but we can take it the wrong way. Also allow yourself to feel angry and hard done by when you are mulling things over because you can't sleep. I say words in my head l didn't know l knew !!! Of course it sucks, it hurts, it frustrates but there is nothing we can do to alter it. Please message me if you want to practice swear words. My heart goes out to you xx l hope this doesn't sound condescending to you or anyone it is just how it is for my husband and me

Such sad news. My heart goes out to you Chris, so much to cope with, especially after losing your daughter. Life is beyond tough at times isn't it? Thinking of you both. Hugs xx

Not been on here for a long time as trying to get to grips with the "ra" and the meds but reading your sad news makes me angry with myself for moaning in my head about my foot pain or my ulcers all in my mouth and there's you and your family who have had there world turned upside down heart goes out to you x

Words can't say how sorry I am at this news. I lost my husband last year, and I know what a gap that left. Try and live for the day, and make happy memories. You are in my thoughts. Take care, and be good to yourself. Mavis xx

I feel your pain. Thinking of you x

Oh fastball my heart goes out to you. Life at times just keeps throwing nasties and i feel for you.

It must be sooooooooo difficult trying to keep it altogether, staying strong for his sake but he knows your there for him.

No-one knows why these diseases happen out of the blue but we hear of it so very frequently now. (Not that it makes it any better for the individual)

Have you any family/friends to turn to? I know the MacMillan nurses and centre are there to turn to. To need to talk for your own sake is of the utmost importance.

We're hear to cry,rant or just to share your sadness.


Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes. I have family and friends that offer help if i need it and there is always someone to talk to. Its not the same as talking to you lot as you dont know me as such just what i write.So all i say is between us and I can bare all to you all. So you might find me coming back to have a moan .

Again thaank you all and hugs to each and everyone of you. XXX


Oh Chris, life Can be so unfair. My thoughts are with you and your husband. X

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