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How long is my husband contagious?

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Hi everyone. I wonder what advice or personal experience you have about his long my husband is contagious with Coronavirus? It’s been a fairly awful time - being ordered to “shield “ by the rheum nurse while having “it” in the house is like being in a horror film where the beast is upstairs and you know it.

At time of writing this post I am ok, and he is much better after a horrible couple of weeks.

But when can he come out of the bedroom? He is still coughing but I’m not convinced some of the coughing wasn’t already there before he got ill. And does that mean he is still infectious? He hasn’t had a temperature for at least a week now.

Does anyone have any advice?



10 Replies
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I'm not a doctor so check with 111.

But the advice was 2 weeks isolation if in a household , temperature must be away but the cough might persist longer but should not be infectious after 2 weeks .

Please could others advise too , if he is getting worse or not picking up you need to ring 111 for more advice .

Do not act on this advice though without checking .

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Bon1 in reply to allanah

Thanks so much

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allanah in reply to Bon1

Gonna post it separately, it's on gov. Com.. look for the post

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I’d echo what allanah said and would encourage you to check with medical professionals.

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Bon1 in reply to Eiram50

Thanks. I am sure you are right - I should check with 111/gp

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Eiram50 in reply to Bon1

Nothing to lose and I think better safe, than sorry. Hope things pick up for you both soon. Take care

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Look on line at nhs111...there is Supposed to be a helpline there.

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I have a research study on it, but will have to post separately. But, as others have said, please take advice from your own health professionals.

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Bon1 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks that sounds very interesting

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latest advice that I saw was that they remain infectious for at Least as long as they are showing symptoms.

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