Ex husband cuts grass

My ex popped round today with my eldest daughter and grandson. I was attempting to mow the grass and he took over and even did me a couple of DIY jobs. We ended up laughing cause I said can you leave the grass and do the other jobs that I cant do. He said "god its like we are still married". I nearly said "no its not, cause you do what I want now" lol, Anyway its good that after 8 years of divorce we can get on better than we did in 20 years of marriage. Must be a lesson in there somewhere.

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  • Sounds like your getting a little smitten lol,

  • Definitely not.

  • Very true.

  • Good news Sharon, maybe a reconciliation is on the way? But lots of talking first I would imagine. Or maybe he was just being helpful or thought the grass looked scruffy lol joking , keep us posted if here are any developments of course lol , and it's great for your daughter to see you acting as grown ups I think, xxxxx

  • Ha Ha no reconciliation I've moved on and so has he. But as we are both in our fifties its so much easier to be grownup. We are still very much together where are daughters are concerned.

  • Well done, I think I would still wanna strim parts of his .... patio, Or kill his ...weeds, shear his ....borders and mow his boll,,bolli, balistraids!! Wouldn't I be a bad ex!! Kidding, glad ur grown up !! Xx

  • Mwah ha ha !!

  • Oh ye, you just did sorta!!! Remember the snoring blog, only yesterday lol !! On my way with a strimmer!

  • It's great that your still friendly with each other, and even better that you can get him to help out when needed, I'm sure in your daughters eyes you'll always be a couple, this is often the case until you both get new partners I know when we were younger and my friends parents split even though her mum had a new partner straight away she still seen her mum and dad as a couple because like you they got on better divorced, however my friend couldn't handle her dad finding a new partner after around ten years, I think deep down for my friend her dad getting a new partner confirmed he wasn't still hanging on for her mum which she had deep down hoped.

    But she realises now they both love there other partners and as a foursome get on amazing which some people think is weird but I see it like you as being adults.

    If you didn't get on so well with your ex hubby you would be making it so hard for your daughters but this way your staying friends so they don't have the hassle off having to take sides off arguments etc.

    Well done to both off you for being able to do that :)

    I'm sure your daughters are mega proud off the fact you both get on so well.

  • It is heartening to hear divorce doesn't end up like a war. Well done to the both of you for maintaining a friendship.xxxx

  • We did have a few unpleasant battles in the beginning but its so much nicer now

  • its good you are still friends x

  • I loved this! Great when a bit of peace reigns eh? x

  • Yes its great.

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