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Turned down!

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This week I attended a tribunal to try for a higher rate of

disability allowence. I am needing more and more help

and putting more strain on a dear friend.

In spite of an excellent letter from my GP who has treated me from

the day I started being ill I was turned down, after twenty odd years

of having RA and other ailments they considered I should still

be on the lowest rate.

I can no longer drive myself, go out on my own or bath and dry myself.

Most times I need help with dressing and if not it takes forever. Getting

shoes on my swollen feet is nigh on impossible without help.

I felt the doctor, who was not a RA specialist, was disinterested in me.

He had his head on the table some times and others he sat back in his

chair looking aound the room,

Is it worth me trying again?


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Appeal ann,these people have no idea what they are talking about, so again i say appeal.xxx

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gazelleLOL in reply to sylvi


I have just written a letter to them asking for my case to be reconsidered.

You are right, they have no idea how the illness changes day to day.

I will not be fobbed off, thanks for spurring me on.


Good for you !!!! i think you should appeal you definately need the help and support, they havent got a clue what we all go through i think People with RA should automatically qualify and not have to keep applying and appealing nd also get there meds free . I too am about to claim DLA after working 30 years of my life. I'm not looking forward to what all of us seem to go through. so you have my sympathies for the stress you are going through right now hope it gets sorted soon keep us informed keep my fingers crossed for you soft hugs. Lena :) xx .

Would they allow people to record these interviews? I wonder if that might stop them putting their heads on the table!! Sounds appalling

Yes do appeal and be spurred on by others here Ann. It's wrong and that's all there is to it. Good luck XX

Thanks everyone, I will try again and see how I go on. I sent the letter

yesterday outlining the fact I was not happy with the result and asking about

the next step so will see what comes back.

Someone told me they like to hear you have fallen over, you are more likely

to get the increase then!

My dread is falling and it is one reason why I creep about, my balance is not good.

I explained this but it fell on deaf ears.

will let you all know what happens.

Thank you


Definitely get advice from CAB about appeals, etc. If it has already gone to tribunal, then there may be limited options right now, but usually they will allow a new application in three months time anyway. If you had to go that route, then definitely get CAB to help you fill out the form the next time to make sure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed.

The good thing about having to make a new application is that apparently DLA don't physically keep copies of your old applications, so they can't "compare" what you have said before. I believe (could be wrong) that all the paper copies of stuff get destroyed as soon as they make the final decision.

Hi Ann'

I'm so sorry 'they' have turned you down, you certainly sound as if you should get the higher rate of DLA/PIP.

Nothing this government does will cease to amaze me!

The CAB are overwhelmed with people needing help on this.

Have a look on the website 'Benefits and work' sorry i cant get a link up for you, but if you google it.

Anybody who is applying or appealling for DLA/PIP or ESA/INC BEN should definately look at this website. Its got nothing to do with the government and points out all the catch questions they ask and loopholes in the system.

They are brilliant and i was helped enormously in my conversion to ESA from Incapacity benefit and was placed in the Support group.

Also Philip posted information on a very good site, i think if you put katebelgrave.com it should bring it up.

It has lots of info on and shows various interviews with people who are fighting against this new welfare reform.

Don't give up, you are not alone, keep us informed.

Vonnie x

PS Cathie,

I think these work capability assessments can be recorded now, not sure about DLA.

ATOS were very cagey about allowing this, but they have to go with it now. Aparantly, there are very few places in the country were they are equiped to do this recording, but they have to accomodate if requested, i think. The archives on Benefits and work website have this info.

Last night i was on the other website katebelgrave.com, listening to a recording of the WCA between ATOS and somebody who had mental health problems.

Not sure how the recording took place, but the questions that the 'ATOS cold hearted individual' was asking, was blatently putting the client 'at risk', horrendous!!!

We should all be open to and informed about how this system is putting such strain, pain, stress and depression on us all!!


Going to make a cuppa and have a look at the sites

you suggest.

At the tribunal there was a clerk sitting to one side

taking it all down so if not recorded it will be on file.

Why when we are older and unwell is all this stress put on us?

Many thanks


Dear Gazelle,

APPEAL!! I appealed successfully to DWP last year against being put in job seekers club when I could hardly walk in the mornings and have early morning stiffness for up to four hours and have an average ESR of 82 and seizing up and immobility. The job centre shook their heads and said ... Why are you here? What I am saying is people make mistakes and their judgements are bad. Just because they are in a position of authority doesn't always make them make the right decisions.

Can you ask your rheumatologist to write the letter, with specific details on how your condition affects your day to day life. What you are unable to do and how early morning stiffness affects you if it does and I am sure it will do.

The Tribunal GP sounds a disgrace.

Don't be put off .. You've come this far so see it through. Good luck.

Julie xx

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